Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What A Week

Although i was having telephone troubles last week it was bearable until I came down ill with tonsillitus, earaches & a splitting headache. We then discovered Telstra had, in fixing the first problem, created another. They crossed my line with another. If anybody rang me they would get the other persons phone. It made for an interesting few phone calls with K's family members. Meanwhile i was chasing Telstra to "FIX'" the phone as we were without the internet too. After having to call the Ombudsman's office this morning i can say, with fingers crossed, the phone is finally fixed. Now that drama is over & my throat is healing it's back to sewing & more sewing.

1 comment:

Joy said...

Oh Jeanette what a rotten week, you poor thing!!! I think you should have a big belated birthday celebration now that all the bad from last week is behind you (hope you knocked on wood and stroked a rabbits foot too while your fingers were crossed LOL)!!!
Glad you're feeling a bit better now... sending big quilty hugs :o)
Joy :o)