Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boy am i tired. Have had very little time to sew this week. I've had visitors coming & going all week plus an unexpected house guest who loves to cook. My son was home for a very short visit bringing with him his mate who is Welsh. He can say that really long name of a town in Wales & boy it sounds cool. It's been lovely having visitors but i'll be glad to have my house to myself again so i can SEW!!! I have managed to get the applique part of the last block of my BOM done & trying hard to work on the embroidery. Hopefully i'll make it back into Bargain Box to get some fabrics for Christmas projects & to replace the piece of fabric which is the wrong size for a gorgeous Bears Paw quilt for a baby.

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Joy said...

Jeanette my Grandad was welsh and he used to say that name too - that brings back fond memories for me ;o)!!