Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have been so busy sewing since Sunday. Made 5 little fabric baskets from a lovely tutorial on quilting bloggers. No they aren't all for me. Finished 3 of Lynette's cute scissor keepers, still have a 4th to go - run out of DMC thread. What else oh a Christmas cone & a pincushion. I have photo's to put on the computer but it's a bit hard at the moment because my son & his mate are back into playing World Of Warcraft. Try & get the photo's up later as i've sneaked in to do a quick bit of typing before doing the school run. I have to take it easy with the hand sewing for a few days as i have developed a sore wrist. Bit of a blow that as i still have 3 Christmas cones to applique & 3 pincushions to embroider. Grrr. I couldn't resist buying the pattern of the pincushion on Joy's blog. Then discovered the store is selling some other patterns i've been wanting. Like i need more patterns :).


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