Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a week

I discovered one of my cats had developed a bladder problem so off to the Vet we trot. Poor puss was in more trouble than i thought. $800 later i'm hoping the treatment works. He even has to be on special diet food to help stop the crystals forming again & that isn't cheap. Then i decided as part of decluttering my life, sewing the UFO's being one of them, i'd go through my magazines & patterns & sell off the ones i don't want. I think i may end up keeping more magazines than what i'll sell. :) I haven't even started looking at the patterns yet. Oh well at least while looking through the magazines i'm finding ideas for 2 RR's that i need to get done & patterns for stitching in the redwork swap. between all that & venturing to Brisbane for a day out i haven't sewn much except to do the stitchery pocket on the bag i started for Mum's birthday present. Still trying to work out adding the signature thing but what i did seems to have worked somewhat but not the way i expected. Now i accidently deleted it.


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