Monday, August 17, 2009

Giveaway and Angels

There is a great fabric giveaway over at i have to say. Pop on over & enter. I'm hoping the stash comes my way. I can't wait to see the Angel pattern posted today. But can someone tell me how i can contact my partner secretly if my email ends up in her spam box? post signature


Tozz said...

Jeanette I am waiting very patiently too and I too have the same problem as I have emailed my partner but have not heard back.I think I am going to have to email Helen.

Lurline said...

I'm feeling a little dejected, too - I am an angel to a lass in Sweden and can't find her blog - I must see if an email works!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Joy said...

Oh dear Jeanette, what a dilemma!! I haven't had a reply from my Angel yet ... might give it a little bit longer then maybe try again from a friends email addy - you could always try that.
Good luck,
Joy :o)

Marls said...

Don't know the answer to that one but want to say that I have connected with both my angel and to the one I am Angel to so for my first swap I am on a winner.
Hope it all works out for everyone.