Saturday, January 9, 2010

MIA & why

It seems i jumped the gun in my last posting. Little did i know my troubles had just begun. When i rang my ISP to tell them i was having a phone number changed they assured me it would be off Monday & back by Thursday at the latest. But no, sometime after my last post is when they took me offline & it has taken me until January 8th to get internet back. After ringing them on the Friday & being assured it would only be 5 working days i waited patiently. I then rang the ISP & this led to many days of phone calls in which i was given one excuse after another & playing the blame game with the telecommunications company. Nearly every excuse was the same except one. We were told the internet was on & it was a problem with our end. After troubleshooting we were then told the problem was our modem & cables. Nuh uh peoples they are brand new. So at this point i got very, very angry & told them off only to be told  "internet be on in half hour, if not call back". So we waited an hour still nothing, rang back & was given the exuse again about codes & the telecommunication company. By this time we'd had enough so on December 23rd we rang again, had words which led them to agreeing to discontinue our contract without charging a fee. Mind you they wouldn't refund the $60 taken out for the December internet time which we didn't get to use.

 End of the games you think? We rang a new ISP who happens to be local in Queensland so no more losing off peak time to daylight saving. Better download time too for less money. Any way i digress. They applied to the telecommunications company, we waited the required working days & nothing. Mind you having the Chritmas holidays here didn't help but that wasn't the problem. The former ISP hadn't gotten around to rescinding the codes order until a week after cancelling our contract. Our new ISP was really trying hard for us. Funny how with this code thing the new ISP could get us online in 5 working days but the former ISP couldn't in the 3 weeks we waited & it's the same telecommunications company that issues the codes. Finally just before New Years that was sorted & here i am finally a week later ONLINE!!!!!!!

So i have lots of catching up to do. I've missed reading blogs & discovering new ones. Being offline meant i missed posting all my lovely finishes for the last month of 2009's OPAM but not to worry photo's will be added slowly in the next few days of swaps i couldn't show you, gifts i received & all my lovely Christmas sewing i've done. As you can see on my side bar i've joined this years OPAM challenge.

 Lucky i managed to get any sewing done as i was diagnosed with tendonitis or something along those lines in my right wrist before Christmas & i was to do nothing but rest it. Quite amusing to see my children doing the housework ect so i could rest the wrist.

So thats my month of December, i'm so glad to be back,
              Hugs, Jeanette


Joanne said...

Firstly let me wish you a very Happy New Year and I hope it brings you lots of happiness, Wealth and health from now anyway now you are back on line.
I hope your troubles are behide you now and you can get back to normal blogging. can wait to see all you goodies and projects.
Great to have you back.
Joanne xx

Lizzie said...

and we are sooo glad that you are back too! How frustrating for you. Looking forward to catching up with all that you've been up to. Have a good weekend.

Kim said...

So glad your back up and running I have missed our chats.

Lurline said...

Happy New Year, Jeanette - happy to see you back on deck - look after that tendonitis!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Sharon-NZ said...

Phew what a drama, but all done now and you can start posting the piccies for us to drool over

Joy said...

So glad you see you're back!!! Can't believe the hassles you've had with the innernets .... what a PAIN!!!!!!!
Looking forward to seeing your piccies :o).....
Joy :o)
PS .... Happy New Year dear friend :o)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

It's so good to HAVE you back - you were missed, Jeanette!! \o/

Cath Ü said...

Hi Jeanette... I have joined OPAM 2010 as well.. it should be a lot of fun... I am glad your net woes seem to be over.. I know where you are coming from with that issue...LOL

Lovely gifts you made for all the swaps etc... beautiful
Cath Ü