Sunday, February 7, 2010

Officially Annoyed

I don't what's going on with comments left on my posts but only some of them are being forwarded to my email addy. I've triple checked my settings & nothing has changed. I apologise if anyone leaving comments thinks i've been ignoring them. Half the time only way i know if a comment has been left that isn't forwared to my email addy is if i notice the number beside "comments left' has increased.

 Hugs, Jeanette


Kim said...

Testing testing testing 123 lol :D

Andrea said...

Jeanette, I am struggling with the whole comments/making contact thing, some blogs are easy.........some leave me in the dust.
Thankyou for becoming a follower of Buderim Patchwork blog.

Kim said...

Hi Jeanette, here is another test message. Let me know if you get this :)