Friday, January 14, 2011

Flood Appeals.

I've been slack about posting these. I meant to when i first learnt about them. To busy sitting glued to the TV watching the news day & night about the floods but i have been using that time for good use. I've been embroidering the sewing kit requested by Jenny for this appeal.
Visit Jenny for more details. She has posted again about how you can help. If you can help in any way please do so.

Secondly there are auctions running all over blogland to help the flood appeal.
Visit Toni for information. Lots of lovely bloggers are having auctions so if you can help with an auction or by bidding please do.

Take care. My thoughts are with you Queensland. We will get through this. As our Premier said yesterday: "we breed them tough".

PS: Just found this on Joy's blog in case anyone would like to help this way.

Nikki Tervo is offering to do this. Nikki hasn't a blog(why Nikki?)

“I am collecting 12 1/2" pre quilted quilt blocks. Blocks need to have a cream fabric measuring 14" square on the back, A thin wadding like wool or cotton to be used. All blocks must be quilted. Please send to Nikki's Flood Quilts PO box 4139 Gumdale 4154. Feel free to sign or write a message of comfort on the back of your block. Make sure it is quilted please!! Please forward this message to anyone Thanks”

 Also found this. Jan has a blog for this.

Also Corrie  has ideas for quilts to be made.

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Joy said...

Thanks for passing on the info Jeanette ... you really are a treasure. So glad you stayed safe when the floods were so close to your place!! Keep taking care!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)