Saturday, November 21, 2015


I actually managed to join in yesterday for change. :) I started early. I backed, quilted & bound a gift.
Can't show it all as it is a Secret. Hand sewed the binding down last night.

 I'd finished 3 stitcheries from my previous post during the week so i cut the felt for those & started stitching them together last night.
On a roll i cut out fabrics for a table runner but that is where it ends. I had a little visitor & by they time they left it was too hot to sew.
I'm going to sew it together today.

During the week i caught up on  my  pineapple blocks as well. Big marathon sewing day Tuesday.
I was here at lunch time.
& all the coloured rows added by about 9 pm. There is a lot of work there for 70 blocks. The plain row can be chain pieced which  makes it so much faster.

 Wednesday saw me adding the "ears" & 2 blocks together.

I started stitching my owls during the week too.

Pop over to our lovely hostess Wendy to find links to who joined in  last night.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, November 14, 2015

What i've been up to.

I didn't post last week due to illness & then being away for the weekend. I finished the dinosaurs the week before & my GS loves them.
weird little critters.

I've gotten behind on my pineapple quilt.
I should've had another coloured row added here.

 This last week i've gotten the coloured row added but i'm now 2 rows behind my SIL. I need to add them by next Wednesday so we can add the rabbit ears & start sewing blocks together.
I've been doing embroidery at night. Started with this deer
but i've  put it aside for these stitcheries which i need for  a present
During the week when i prepared these i also prepared these owl stitcheries for my daughters present.
 Crappy shot. Tried several times to get a good photo. They are iron on transfers that didn't go very dark & it's a dull wet day.

These already were ironed on, i just added the stabiliser at the back ready to start stitching.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Sewing Week

Sunday i thought i'd better start strippin.....
...for my pineapple quilt of course. :) Then i prepared the bit's & pieces needed for 6 ornies
The next 2 evenings were spent on those
Tuesday i was to sew the cream rows on the pineapple blocks ready for Wednesday sewing at my SIL's. Doing it this way so the quilt is done quickly.
Wednesday the scrappy borders were added,
That is all i've done with sewing this week except yesterday when i cut out these cute little fellows
We use compost in the pot plants as well as potting mix & tomatoes came up in quite a few pots. I let them go to see what i'd get
large, cherry & egg tomatoes have fruited. So many tomatoes have formed which makes me happy. So tasty as well.

 Happy Stitching,

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A sew sew week

I think my sewjo has headed off to have a holiday. Wish it would come back & take me with it. :) All i did this week was
finish this gingie,
 & made a start on the last 4 blocks in Jenny's free Xmas bom.

Wednesday i spent all day add the next round to 70 pineapple blocks
Thinking i should have made a smaller quilt. :) Need to cut & sew more strips now to catch up to my SIL for next Wesdnesday.

Happy Stitching

Saturday, October 17, 2015

No FNSI for me.

I had plans, big plans for sewing yesterday but i was so tired all i did was read. I hoped to do some embroidery last night but went to bed instead. :(

During the week i did finish another Gingie & started the 4th
My SIL & i for sometime have been going to make a pineapple log cabin. All the fabric has been collected for months & months & finally she names a day to start.
This i where i got to Wednesday afternoon when i went home. 35 square in a square made, 1 complete block & a partial block done. I still had 37 squares to cut out to make up to 72 blocks. I did all those on Thursday. Now to turn all those square in squares into pineapple log cabins. Gonna be a big quilt. Blocks are 10".

Happy Stitching,