Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hexagon Quilt

Today i laid out the hexagons to get an idea how i want them to be sewn together as there are more pinks & blues than other colours. Got to the bottom & discovered I'd counted wrong with the embroidered hexies. I need 5 more. Oh well back to tracing & embroidering. Butvi did find i have quite a few flowers & cut out hexagons left over. 😊. Crappy photo & overcast day doesn't do justice to the lovely bright fabrics of Dilly Dally.

Happy Stitching

Saturday, August 20, 2016

FNSI fail (August)

This how i spent my FNSI
book in one hand tissues in the other. I came down with a cold during the week & haven't felt up to doing a thing.

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Happy Stitching.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Friday Night With Friends August

I was going to start early with sewing but i needed to bake something to take to Mum's today. Once i decided to cook i went on a spree. :)

First up
Craisin Raisin biscuits followed by
date & nut loaf & lastly
banana struesel muffins.

Last night i stitched the leaves on my hexies.
i got one panel done & about half way through the 2nd.

Earlier in the week i finally finished all the flowers on that last panel shown in last weeks blog post. The leaves are all done on these 2 as well.
Hopefully i can get all the satin stitch done this week so i can place these hexies over papers & start sewing the quilt together.

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Happy Stitching,

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Slow progress

The progress on the embroidered hexagons is slow going. I've still 18 left to embroider the flowers on. After that the leaves & the satin stitched centres. Hopefully turning them all into a quilt top will progress faster .:)

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, July 23, 2016


I had planned to start early but unfortunately the house work fairies were on strike. Then when i got the UFO out the magazines were missing. So the search was on. Had a thought floating about as to where they may have been but it was elusive. Lunch was in order while the thought percolated. Aha try looking in the pile of gardening magazines behind my chair. Yes there they were & i could finally proceed. So glad i didn't have to pull the house apart to find them.

Several years back i had made all the flowers needed for a hexagon quilt but had only traced & partly done 15 of the embroidered joiner hexagons. I needed 54.
An hour or so later & i had 39 traced hexagons. Last night i spent doing the satin stitch of these 10.
No my trouble is that i took all the embroidery thread from the box & i'm having a little trouble matching up the red i used for the flowers. It's a Cottage Garden Thread & i have several reds that could be it. But I found the green & yellow ok. Well that's a problem for tonight's sewing to sort out.

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Happy Stitching,