Saturday, November 28, 2020

FNSI November

 Yesterday i joined lovely hostess Wendy for FNSI. 

I had a few Christmas things to finish to get into the mail. I started with this little mat

then onto these little tags but i was interrupted at this stage with my oldest daughter bringing me a gift & then going out to lunch so i finished them when i got back. :)

Last on my list was to make these 2 decorations

In the evening i did a little more stitching on Libby Morgan.

Just a few stones along the pathway & started to add the green flower.

Pop over to visit Wendy for the links to who joined in & to see what projects they worked on.

Happy Stitching, 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Cats, cats & more cats

 Today one of my daughters took us out to Lucky Cat Cafe to have coffee & to spend time patting the kitties. There are quite a few in residence but we made sure they all had pats.

First up we had coffee,

Nicely decorated with kittie shapes. Then off to the cat room to spend an hour with the beautiful kitties.

This little ginger guy is 19 years old.

This guy looks sad but he is very smoogie. After taking this photo he jumped onto my youngest daughter's lap. Then he left her to hop onto my other daughter's lap. Sadly by then our hour was up & we had to leave the kitties behind.

After that we decided to have lunch at our local hotel.

A very lovely day out indeed.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, November 7, 2020

FNwF November

 Yesterday i joined in with Friday Night with Friends hosted by our very lovely Cheryll. 

 I've joined in a couple of Christmas swaps & needed to make a decoration for 1 & plan out the gifts for the other. After sorting through patterns & cutting fabric out i settled in for a short machine sewing session making up triangles to turn into decorations.

Then some more sorting through my SIL's stash. It is giving me a headache. I'm coming to the stage, because i'm over internet buyers because they just don't read what i write, that i'm thinking of somehow advertising a "garage" sale of the fabrics, patterns, books, mystery ufo's, ufo's that do have patterns ect & just say make a reasonable offer. Oh & that is just the patchwork. I've still to collect all the crochet stash yet. 

In the evening i finally sat to make up the decorations. They may be small & fiddly but they make cute ornaments. I just hope the new owner/s will like them.

Not as much done as i hoped but at least i got these 2 done & dusted.

If anyone is interested in the decoration swap you have until tomorrow to sign up here.

During the day my latest Jim Shore ornament arrived. I love cardinals & i loved this ornament as soon as i saw it. Happy Happy am i. :)

Also on a brighter, happier note my birthday/Christmas present to myself finally made it to Aussie shores. Just have to await arrival from Tasmania now. :)

Bag & matching wallet set from Vendula London. I'm so excited. I can't wait until they arrive. I do already use a Vendula London set so now i'll have 2 to choose from. :)

Happy Stitching,


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