Friday, September 30, 2011


Just realised it's been over a week since i last posted. My how time flies when you are having fun. :)
This is what was in the parcel from Shell. Gorgeous felts & matching valdani threads. Shell also gave me copies of the patterns she was using for her folk art fusion workshop.
I'll have to get the tree done for Christmas. :) The time came on Saturday to check on the Limoncello. I'm happy to report is tastes fantastic.
This i what the recipe ended up making. Looking through recipe magazines recently i found a recipe for blood orange curd. As i love blood oranges i was hoping i could find some in the shops. Fortunately the local fruit shop had them for sale. I gave the curd a try & it's so yummy. Wish the recipe made more. :)
All i got was this & another smaller bottle. Lot's of goodies have been arriving at my home of late.
Rosie sent me these beautiful hand made cloths as a RAK. I was so thrilled & greatly appreciated them. I recently took part in the The keeper swap over at Sandy's. My partner was Lisa. These are the lovely goodies she sent me.
A lovely pinkeeper,
a needle keeper & scissor holder.
The inside of the needle keeper. Thankyou for the lovely goodies Lisa & thankyou to Sandy for hosting the swap. Sandy showed this pattern recently on her blog & when it was finally for sale in her online shop i bought it.
I've seen so many good comments about The Help. Not only for the book but the movie. I bought the book & it's a fabulous read.
This pattern arrived a day or so ago,
along with these,
The latest pattern for the Christmas Club. A gorgeous pillow by Michelle.
Sorry about the photo. I was trying not to get the flash spot from the camera. It is Birds In the Meadow fabric storage boxes by Melissa. When the pattern arrived the quilt card was included.
I'd seen this mentioned on a blog somewhere & went to look the story about it on Megan's blog. I liked the idea of the fun calender. These gorgeous fabrics from Fee also arrived in the last couple of days.
Not sure what i'll use them in yet. I'll leave you with a photo of my cat chilling on the back stairs.
His paw is actually resting on the stair.

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things & a finish

Not a lot has been happening here. Little bits of stitching. I managed to get my self organised & readied 5 tops to be quilted. 4 were UFO's & the other was Tis The Season which i'd just put together. A while back i finished working on some stitcheries i started about a year ago for a project only to discover that i'd not allowed enough seam allowance between 2 of the stitcheries. I still found a use for the one with not enough seam allowance. I had intended this as a gift but wasn't happy with the end result so i gave it to my daughter.
Bronwyn Hayes pattern from her Miss Milly's Flower Patch book.
I've been working on the block to add to a crazy patchwork round robin with overseas friends. I can only give you a sneak peek.
Received a parcel from Shell. My yummy chocolates were soft as it's warmed up a bit here. Just realised i didn't take a photo of what was inside. Oh well next blog post.
Latest installment of Wanda Brunstetter's serial about Kentucky Brothers arrived last week. Another good read.
I've only had this yellow rose a few months & this is it's 2nd bloom. The purple rose hasn't done much but grow. :(
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blooms, a finish, & stitcheries.

It's Wednesday again already. Not sure where the time has gone again. I haven't posted about the Vignette hexies in a while but i've been adding to them slowly.
Here's what i've done so far.
Love the bright colours of this fabric range.
I changed the top slightly from when i posted about it 2 weeks ago. I removed one of the stones from the sets of 3 i had on the sides. I then made 1/2 blooms & 1/2 hexagon steps & added them along the sides. Just have to finish the ends & it's ready to quilt.
There was a complaint my red dishcloth was too small(it wasn't). I decided to add more stitches to this one & then discovered when the red one was used the cotton stretched. As i'd already knitted a fair bit of this one i wasn't going to pull it out. I made it rectangular in shape but i'm not happy with it.
Latest block in Michelle's BOM &
the latest block from Paula's BOM.
I'll leave you with some flowers from my garden.
This last little geranium bloom is from cuttings only about 2 months old. I wasn't sure any of them would actually take but the all did. Yay.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, September 9, 2011

A finish

A couple of years back i started to make a conscious effort to change my lifestyle. One of the things was to stop using bought dishcloths. I started to knit my own but with all things lost interest. However i didn't return to buying the dishcloths i bought knitted ones off someone else. :) A week ago i got the cloth out & finished it.
I started a 2nd one the same night & it's about 1/2 knitted. I also finished putting the top together of Tis The Season. Now to get it quilted.

Happy Stitching,

Monday, September 5, 2011


Yesterday i sat down to make these biscornu's. I'd cut them out from scraps left over from the table runners. So they've been sitting there for a while. :) I have 6 finishes already for September. YAY.
Happy Stitching,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Swap at Sandy's

Sandy is running a swap for a scissor keep.
Pop on over to sign up as it looks like it could be fun.
Happy Stitching,


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