Sunday, January 8, 2012


I'm sure the goodies that arrived last week were put on a slow boat but at least they arrived & with no hassle with the Post Office. :) First to arrive was a parcel from Shell.
Shell sent me some gorgeous fabric, yummy raspberries in chocolate(mmmm) & a very cute bunny brooch. Thankyou Shell i love it all. Next to arrive was my Jim Shore ornament
Love it. :) The last ornament arrived also in the ornament swap i participated in last year.
Hand crocheted for me. :)

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Swap gifts & things.

Now that Christmas is past & all gifts have been opened i can show what i sent to my partners.
I sent this runner to Pat in the Advent swap,
& this runner to Fee in our online groups 6 item swap. To Josie in Chookyblue's SSCS swap i sent
The bag & notebook cover. I discovered Jenny's pattern in a Handmade last year when i was looking for ideas for swaps. I also included this little purse
Such a cute, simple quick idea. Pattern can be found here.
I'd seen this book around & looked to see if the Book Depository had it. It arrived before Christmas.
Lots of lovely ideas in here for swaps & gifts. :)

Before Christmas i'd seen on a blog or 2 mention of Jim Shore ornaments. I hadn't heard of him before so i had a quick look but wasn't that interested until another blog mentioned buying some from eBay. Well i just had to look didn't i?  I bought 2 but one is coming from the USA. This one arrived before Christmas but due to our useless posties it wasn't left(they left a card in my mailbox) & i had to wait until the 28th to pick it up. The same day i arrived back home after having to travel into Ipswich to get the parcel i found another card to get another parcel. Still can't figure why the postie couldn't leave it either. I go in on Friday to Ipswich to get it only to discover they had taken a holiday especially just for Australia Post. I was so angry. Just as well they were shut other wise they'd have gotten another angry phone call.
I love cardinals. Such a gorgeous red colour. Such a shame i didn't get to hang it last year as it would look great on my black tree.

Happy Stitching,

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