Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hangings, Hexies & Clamshells

At Christmas time i was sent a parcel of fabrics with instuctions to create something that had hexagons & a critter. It took me ages to finally find something that fitted the criteria & what i liked. Above is the result. The fabrics in the log cabin & nine-patch are what i was sent to use. All the rest came from my stash. Only thing i bought was the hinges on the gate. Unfortunately in trying to get the whole wallhanging in you can't see the embroidered words. :(
My hexies for this week. I even have some nice plants to feature in this weeks photo's. :)
Baby sister sitting in a chilli bush,. The fabric i used is actually brown. I moved the hexie around to get a decent photo but it still caught glare. :(
If i remember correctly it's also clamshell day being the end of June. Here is what i've prepared so far. Still trying to decide what to create with them.
Jeanette from freezing cold northern NSW.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Flowers & Fabrics

 photos 008
It’s amazing how i’m sticking to my commitment to myself to make hexies each week but so far so good. I’ve 3 to add to my garden this week.
photos 009
My 1/2” hexie for this week. They are just so 010
Gorgeous fabrics & a lovely brown Cottage Garden thread i bought. I tried to resist but they insisted on coming home with me. :) Lots of lovely spots & a few stripes.

I decided i “needed” these as well. Couple of cat fabrics in there. :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Looked what bloomed.......

in my garden today. A mini hexie flower. Isn't it so cute. :) I decided to give making 1/2" hexagons a try. Thought they'd be a bit fiddly but not at all. Very quick & easy to make. I've taken a photo of the 1/2" hexie sitting on a 1" hexie so you can see how small it is. :) 3 of my 1" hexagons also bloomed. Grr something is wrong with blogger this morning. Not letting me put the photo's where i want. I don't like the changes blogger has made. Jeanette

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?.......

With silverbelles & cockleshells? Or maybe with beautiful hexies? My garden has grown by 3 again this week.
I managed to squeeze these in last night as i've been busy with other projects. I'll show you a sneak peek of the 2 projects. The first one is for a challenge set my friend Lynda (no blog) in Canada & must be finished by June 30th.
The 2nd peak is the project i'm testing for Jenny.
Jenny's gorgeous Morning Glory pattern.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pattern, Book, & Hearts Bom block 3

The pattern i bought & was waiting on to be sent in the mail arrived yesterday. Lovely tablerunner & placemats covered in teapots. Another great design from Nikki Tervo

 This book arrived Tuesday hot off the press. Full of gorgeous Christmas ideas from Natalie Ross. Starting right from July working through to December.
And block 3 from Lisa's Hearts BOM.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

flowers, finishes & books

My lovely flower garden has grown by 3 more flowers. I didn't think i'd get any made this week at all. To busy with other things but the other night i sat there & cut the hexies out & last night sewed the 3 up. I have been trying not to use the same fabrics in the flower apart from the white centre & so far have been successful.
The last 2 wallhangings have been finished. YAY. Now to drag out the next pile of UFO.s Heheh
Kindred Hearts by The Chook Shed. Lazy model didn't stand up for me. To busy playing World Of Warcraft.
Sewing notions. Pattern by Mum's Moment. Not sure what happened to the tea-dye fabric as it wasn't that dark when i did the embroidery. Just washed the wallhanging & the "dye" seemed to be darker.  Was not impressed as that hasn't happened to me before.
Found out about this author on a blog somewhere. Quilts & murder. Love to find new quilt novels. :)  They've only just arrived from the Book Depository & i've read only a few chapters. So far so good.
The 2nd book in the series.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Giveaway at Clare's Craftroom

Clare has released her Chris Crocodile pattern today & if you'd like to win the pattern to make your own version then pop on over to visit Clare.

nine patches

 Somehow i have gotten behind again with my nine patches so yesterday i sat & sewed & i am all caught up. Week 12 week 13 I think i ...