Saturday, April 29, 2017

What a crappy week

 Very little happened in the way of sewing. I did finish the other 4 Ice Cream Soda blocks
Added a few more stitches to this block
& everything went down hill from Anzac day. Hopefully today i can get back on track with my crafting.

I have new additions to my place

How exciting to get our first home grown egg
Happy stitching

Saturday, April 22, 2017

FNSI April ......

I spent the afternoon watching Netflix getting some Ice Cream Soda blocks done.
by bedtime i had 2 full ones & a part of a 3rd. They take so long to piece together.

Thursday i made this one
I only have 4 left for this months round of blocks to sew.

Earlier in the week i completed another 10 Mischief blocks.
Pop over to hostess Wendy's blog to find links to everyone who joined in last night.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, April 15, 2017

My week

I made 10 more blocks for Mischief
My friend posted the little Klosjes to me so i put them together
There were another 2 with them but my friend had already sewn them together. I have 18 now. Still not sure i want to make a big quilt with them. :)

Back to my stitching after that
finished this block last night & started this one
Hopefully the next installment of Ice Cream Soda arrives Tuesday so i can get them done. I also need to prepare more Mischief blocks & the joining pieces.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, April 8, 2017

FNwF, April

During the week i added the last 2 rows to my pink, green white EPP quilt. I was short 2 pinks & i went with a suggestion of finding a pink that would "blend" in. Thursday i cut all the squares to fill in the triangle gaps along the side. I added 1 row Thursday night. For FNwF i managed to get the last 3 side done.
It looks a bit odd as i haven't trimmed the squares back yet or added the pieces to the corner. I went with filling in the triangle gaps rather than applique to a border. I am still adding a border i just need to go shopping. :)

Earlier in the week i made these
I now have 29 shapes for Mischief. Still a long way to go to 100.

Pop over to lovely hostess Cheryll to find links to see who joined in last night & what projects they worked on.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, April 1, 2017

My stitchy week

I've been stitching another Gail Pan Christmas project which i finished earlier in the week.
After that i prepared more blocks for Mischief
The black & which pieces are the joining pieces for the purple blocks.

After that i went with a suggestion of using a different pink fabric for the last 2 rows in my pink, green white epp quilt as the lady i bought it from was short 2 pieces. So now when i add the last 2 rows i've only green octagons left over. Yay.
The lozenge shape papers were really wrecked by the time i got this far so i was lucky i have a Lucy Boston quilt i could pinch some from. Just have to remember to put them back. :) I prepped all these for a trip away next week. Not sure if i'll be going now thanks to all the flooding from Cyclone Debbie.

I felt like adding embroidery to my projects & found up a cute Fig 'n' Berry project.
The red ran unfortunately & i had to soak it. I had a little though running around that the fabric looked a little different. Yes it does. Grrr. The pieces were a cream tone on tone but now after soaking the finished piece looks white. As the red runs the other 4 embroidery pieces will most likely look white too.

Thursday i didn't feel like either EPP or embroidery so what did i do. You guessed it i started another project. This time hand piecing. I've wanted to make these for years & as i've all the scraps out for Ice Cream Soda quilt i decided to make a start.
I've been making 3" Klosjes (spools). I mentioned that it might be just a table runner & a friend told me "no go for a big quilt".  She did & it's beautiful but hers is 60" by 60" & used 400 Klosjes. We'll see. She did however have some left over & is sending them to me which i greatly appreciate. As much as i love handpiecing it's slow going & 400 is quite alot.

Happy Stitching,


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