Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fat 1/4 birthday swap

The very lovely Cheryll hosted a fat 1/4 swap this year which i was fortunate to be part of. Well my turn finally arrived yesterday & along with beautiful fat 1/4's & extra's was a beautiful handmade gift from Cheryll. Each of us was assigned an individual partner to make a handmade gift to send along with fat 1/4's.
 Fat 1/4's from Julie, Anthea, Asta, Illene, Simone, Cheryll,  Sue thankyou for the lovely fat 1/4's & the extra goodies. Can't wait to make some cupcakes from the cookbook Anthea. :) Love the handmade card Illene.
My handmade gift from Cheryll. The fabric to the side is what Cheryll used to back the little hanging with & it has cat's all over it. Cute cat buttons too. :) :). Love the hanging Cheryll thanks ever so much.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, November 25, 2017

FNSI November & my busy week.

I started my FNSI by adding the last 3 rosettes to another Purpilicious row. I decided to add another row before adding borders as it wasn't long enough for my bed.
Then i added it to the quilt
After that i finished off a flower for my Libby Morgan quilt & made a 2nd

During the week i cut out the pieces for Purplicious
& sewed them together
Stitched a Gail Pan Christmas stitchery
finished the Purplicious row
 & finished of 100 hexagons in 100 days which is actually 200 as i did 2 different lots. Bright & reproduction.

Pop over to visit our lovely hostess Wendy to find the links to who participated last night & what projects they worked on.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Busy week

I needed to make a little gift for a friend so i whipped up a stitchery from Michelle's country alphabet to go on it.
Next i caught up with my 100 days of hexies, 84 to 92. We must be finished now so i'd better do the last 8 up.
I made a pile more hexies for Libby Morgan
I've spent several days now turning them into flowers
Every year for a number of years i've been buying myself a Jim Shore Christmas ornament. Sometimes 1 sometimes 2. This is my choice for this year.
I love the Woodland series.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, November 11, 2017

My week

I finished the half blocks for Icecream Soda then laid all the blocks out to see what they looked liked together.
This isn't my final layout. When i get the joining pieces prepped I'll figure it out then. The joiners should arrive next week.

After that i started on Month 4 of Round We Go
All ready to sew &
finished the last one last night. I wasn't keen on this block as there isn't any intructions on how to sew any of the blocks together. I accidently cut the long angled rectangles the wrong way so wasted fabric there but i got them sewn together in the end.
 3 more sets of hexies for my Libby Morgan quilt.

Happy Stitching

Sunday, November 5, 2017

FNwF November.....

.... was a fail for me. I had 3 quilts ready to put binding on even though i couldn't find one of the bindings but i woke with a migraine & that was that.

This is what i did during the week
More hexies for my Libby Morgan quilt.
This isn't a mess its little piles of the 4 full blocks, 8 half blocks, side & corner pieces for month 9 of Icecream Soda.
I should've taken this photo after I'd finished all the gluing. 😊😊.
I had these 3 done by Thursday night. As I felt better last night (Saturday) & i decided to sit & sew while watching Alias Grace on Netflix & i managed to catch up on 100 hexies in 100 days,
these are 69 to 83 & 
The last full block, 2 half blocks 
started a 3rd before i went to bed.

Pop over to our lovely hostess Cheryll to find links to see everyones projects.

Happy Stitcing 

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