Sunday, October 18, 2020

Zoom Zoom

 Yesterday i joined in the Zoom group that Chookyblue had set up. Thankyou Chookyblue.  It was a very lovely day & so nice to have a wonderful group of ladies to sit & sew with. I really miss having sewing days & i really hope we can do it again sometime soon. :)

I picked my neglected Libby Morgan quilt to work on & i managed to get 4 flowers surrounded whilst chatting & the other flowers whilst watching the football last night. Sadly my team lost & won't be in the grand final next week.

I counted about 80 flowers so i'll work on an 8 by 10 row quilt with borders. Hopefully it will be around a single size.

Happy Stitching

Saturday, October 17, 2020

FNSI October

Yesterday was FNSI hosted by Wendy. After some farnakling around with more of my SIL's stash i settled down in the evening to do a little crafting.

First up was to prep these last few paths for my Libby Morgan quilt. I'd done a heap on Thursday night & just needed to finish off these.

Not sure how many path hexies i need but i've enough to make a good start on the quilt.

Next up is one of my SIL's projects. Everything is cut out & there are 3 put together but as i was making up the hexagon centres i realised not enough had been cut out. I have no idea if there is any more of the fabrics used or where i'd find it if there was. I've decided to go with a plain centre to match the diamonds that go along with these pieces.

This is what they look like finished but i will have to take out the centres of the already made ones & replace with the cream fabric.

Pop over to visit Wendy to see who joined in & what projects they worked on. Thanks to Wendy for hosting us again.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, October 3, 2020

FNwF October

 Holy heck how did it get to be October already. First time ever I think that I can say I'm glad the year is nearly over. Hoping 2021 is a heck of a lot better than 2020.

Anyway yesterday was time for FNwF hosted by lovely Cheryll. I sometimes think I'll just give up on doing anything on the Friday sewing days as my plans seem to go out the window. My fault yesterday for dithering around. Ah well.

I decided to sit down in the afternoon & drag out my long neglected Libby Morgan quilt. The hexies had been made ages back & all I needed to do was to choose fabric for the centres & then sew them altogether. I surprised myself & made more up than I thought I would. 😊😊.

I  think I need to draw myself up a plan to dedicate some evenings to EPP,  some to stitcheries & some to applique instead of just embroidering all the time. I need to get my ufos done & dusted though a lot of them just need me to sit at the machine to finish them off. After seeing what my SIL left unfinished as we've been sorting through her craft stuff to sell off it really made me sad & the realisation that I need to get my stuff sorted out.

Pop over to visit Cheryll to see who joined in last night & what their choice of lovely projects were worked on.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, September 19, 2020

FNSI September

 Yesterday was FNSI, hosted by Wendy, & i had plans to work on my quilt from last post but life as always gets in the way.

Time for that mammogram to occur, that done i came home slightly distracted almost forgetting about FNSI but i needed to pop around to see my brother whose wife recently passed away.

After that I quietly stitched on this little block i had started Thursday night.

Then it was out again with my learner burner daughter for practise before her test next week. I didn't think I was going to finish the stitchery but it's done & i started another.

Including this one I have 4 left & they are done. 

Pop over to visit Wendy to see who joined in FNSI last night & what lovely projects they worked on.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, September 5, 2020

FNwF September

Yesterday i joined in FNwF hosted by Cheryll.

I started early as i'm making a new quilt using up my 2-1/2" squares i chopped up many years ago planning to use them in a scrappy quilt "one day". I had started last year, i think, to piece together the squares as leaders & enders as i used my machine but they fell by the wayside. I was surprised though when I counted yesterday that I'd made 53 pair up. 🙂.

This is the quilt i'm making.
It's called Fading Charms Quilt.

 I'm planning on making 4 quilts but I don't have enough squares cut. I think my tin only holds enough for 2 quilts. I've plenty of scraps though to have another cutting marathon. 🙂🙂.

I was just pulling random squares out of my tin

 & sewing together when I decided that wasn't working so i pulled them all out & spread them over my bed
and the ironing board
With my daughters help I would pair them up & place beside the machine to chain piece
After taking a tea break back to sewing & another "helper" to assist in sewing
After lunch I was getting sore from sitting for so long so I decided to count how many pairs I made yesterday & they totalled 320. Adding the earlier 53 I've sewn together 754 of the 846 needed for the quilt. I could've kept going but I really wanted to get the centre together to see how it would look with the homespun i was using on this top.

The other 3 quilts I'll use blue, possibly black & pink for the borders as they are all for my grandchildren & although I'm using the same design for all 4 i want the borders different colours for each of them.

In the evening I finished the words, hearts & french knots on last Wednesdays Love and Hugs from Australia Christmas stitcheries.
I do wish the red wouldn't run on cottage garden threads but fortunately it soaks out with any damage to the stitcheries.

Lastly I started on the latest block in my Christmas bom from Fig n Berry designs.

Pop over to visit Cheryll to see who joined in & what projects were worked on

Happy Stitching,