Saturday, January 21, 2023

FNSI January 2023

Yesterday was the first FNSI of 2023 hosted by Wendy. Thankyou Wendy for hosting us again this year.

I started my day early putting a doll quilt together & then hand quilting it.

I still have the borders to do. I stopped quilting in the evening so i could get back to my stitchery ufo. I was up to here when i started

and here when i went to bed

I'm up to block 16 now. I'm determined to get it finished & not have it hanging around for a few more years. It was so much easier to be disciplined when i was only partially mobile. :)

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Happy Stitching,

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Good news & sewing

 Yesterday saw me at the hospital with fingers crossed for good news about my foot. Cast off & x-ray done it was then i got good news that my foot had healed enough that i'm done with casts. Yahooo!!!

I'm to wear a moon boot until about the 24th February & i hope to get the all clear then to be able to wear shoes on both feet. :)

I've nearly completed block 14 of my BOM 

And another 7 stars are done for a total of  14.

I still haven't decided on a background but a lady was telling me her friend is making the same quilt & is using quilters muslin & as i have plenty of that in my stash i may do the same.

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Seeing stars.

 Yesterday i thought i'd do 2 stars to try & catch up since it was already the 7th day of the year. I ended up making 5. :). Now i'm all caught up. Not a great photo as the fabric with the black star is actually pink.

I'm not really happy with them as i just can't get the centres aligned right despite careful stitching. So maybe i won't make the full size quilt. I had bought a starter pack of fabric for the stars & it has 16 pieces in it. I think i can get 3 stars out of each piece. I may have a background fabric in my stash i can use if i only make 48 stars. I'll have to keep thinking about it but i'd better hurry up & make up my mind about size as the fabric i'm looking at for the background of a full size is on sale.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, January 7, 2023

FNwF January 2023

 First FNwF for 2023 hosted by Cheryll. Thankyou Cheryll for having us again this year.

 I'm taking part in a doll quilt swap so i started my day early by choosing a pattern & fabrics for it.

All cut out ready to sew. I had to take a break after this as standing on one leg is tiring & painful. :)

Years ago i bought the pattern star a day & some fabric to start it but like everything else put it away for another day. I got it out thinking i'd make a start this year but i haven't enough background fabric. It needs 8 metres. I did consider it as an option for the doll quilt, just making enough for a 20" by 20" quilt. Whislt debating if i will make a years worth of stars & therefore needing 8 metres of background fabric i've made a start & have 2 made. :)

They are tiny stars. When finished they will measure 3".

Last night it was back to my embroidery. I'm determined to finish this bom. I think this is block 14 out of 23/24.


I stitched the top of the vine, the side under the vine, the top of the pillar box, the bird & started the girl before trundling off to bed.

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Happy Stitching,1    

Tuesday, December 27, 2022


 As a gift for Christmas this one sucks

yep a brand new cast for another 3 weeks. Plus i'm told if it hasn't healed right by then it's onto surgery & a pin inserted. Cross fingers, toes & touch wood it's healed well.

Every year at mothers day, birthday & Christmas time i'm asked "what do you want" and every year my reply is the same " Peace & Quiet" Well this year i finally got what i asked for as my birthday & Christmas presents. :) :).

The shirt was my birthday present & the tea for Christmas. To go with the tea i was also given this mug

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Desert Rose

 I have 4 desert roses which i thought had died off as all the leaves were gone & spring had arrived & nothing was happening then all of a sudden leaves started forming & after patiently waiting 2 produced blooms. Both have lots of them on them too which i'm so pleased to see.

This one of my older ones & the largest plant.

This is my newest one I bought it maybe 2 years ago & have been waiting to see what colour it is. It's in it's own pot sitting at the base of the picture at the top. To the side is 1 of 2 plain white desert rose plants. I hope they flower soon.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, December 17, 2022

FNSI December

 Another year gone & now we are onto the last FNSI for 2022 hosted by Wendy.

Not being able to do much my days drift together & i'd forgotten it was Friday. Around lunch time i turned on Netflix & picked up my embroidery to stitch & sometime during the afternoon i remembered that it was Friday & therefore FNSI day. I'm back to stitching the bom A Redwork Christmas by Fig n Berry Creations having finished the bom blocks from Rosalie Quinlan. Now if i could only get them into a hanging before Christmas Day. Oh well next year. :)

This is block 8 that i'm working on. Only 16 more to go.

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Merry Christmas & Happy Stitching,

Saturday, December 3, 2022

FNwF December

 Well there we have it. Another year flown by & the last Friday Night with Friends hosted by Cheryll for 2022.

Despite spending most of my morning up at the hospital having this done i managed some stitching during the evening.

I fractured a bone 2-1/2 weeks ago in my left foot & apparently is was bad enough to require plaster for 4 weeks. :(

Anyway after a few hours rest as i fell down twice & luckily didn't do any other damage to myself i spent a quiet evening working on this stitchery

I finished on border & most of the 2nd before the show i was watching finished & bed called me.

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Happy Stitching,

Saturday, November 19, 2022

FNSI November

Last night i joined in FNSI hosted by Wendy . Quite honestly i don't know why i bother to join up anymore as everytime i make plans for a lovely day of sewing something always happens to prevent it somehow so all i end up doing is a little handwork. :(

I worked on the angel block from the Rosalie(Quinlan) Dekker Christmas hanging i've been stitching. This is where i was up to at the start of my evening of stitching

and where i got up to before calling it quits & going to bed

Pop over to visit Wendy to see who joined in & the projects they worked on

Happy Stitching

FNSI January 2023

Yesterday was the first FNSI of 2023 hosted by Wendy . Thankyou Wendy for hosting us again this year. I started my day early putting a doll ...