Monday, April 29, 2013

1 Xmas item.....

.....a little late this month.

 I worked on the Christmas swag "R" &
"S". I finished the Merry swag
& the snowman from Gail Pan's new book
& also Bon Noel which i posted here

Happy Stitching,

Monday, April 22, 2013

What's new for me?

My bunny pin cushion/scissor holder arrived from Michelle last week. Made by Donna.
Gail's new book arrived Friday. I was lucky enough to have Gail sign it as well. :)
I was at the local Lifeline last week & purchased a punch bowl set. I put the box on the table & Bella immediately thought it was for her. I took the bowl out to as i wanted to look the cups over again & this is what happened
I don't have a cat in a hat i have a cat in a box. lol

Happy Stitching.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Friday sewing

Friday saw me at the sewing machine finishing  2 ufo's & this month's project for the Stitch-a-long.
Binding on Home Sweet Home,
Bag by Joy. Stitchery had been finished years ago then i cut all the fabrics out about 2 years ago. :) Glad another 2 ufo's have been ticked off my list.
Bon Noel for the stitch-a-long.

Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Do you want to know a secret ?

Do you promise not to tell? oh, oh, oh closer, let me whisper in you ear.....More on that later.

I have to tell you about my belated FNwF. I had big plans, why do i even bother making plans? They never work out the way i want. I have the flu, then my day didn't go the way i planned but in compensation that is when i learned the secret so all can be forgiven. I started working on this late in the afternoon
had to stop thanks to osteo arthtitis & arthritis. That night i finished the wording on this
Started the last block
& finished it Sunday night. I spent all most all Sunday making these
apple & beetroot chutney, choko chutney, lemon butter & passionfruit butter. I have to show you the cake from the Clandsetine Cake Club book. I chose to make Dutch Chocolate cake first
Now about my secret & forgive me if i yell it out but it's such exciting news. I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA. YAY. Happy Dance in my house.

Happy Stitching,

nine patches

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