Sunday, May 15, 2022


Yesterday was another very lovely Zoom day hosted by Chookyblue  This session was not a quiet one like last time. :) Lots of chatting learning, solving the worlds problems & about life in general.  Ladies popped in out all day from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Germany, England & Norway. I hope i got the countries right.

My first project was this one

I finished the satin stitch berries then cut out the wool applique & stitched it down.

Next project was

I finished all 4 off & then before Zoom ended i brought out this project

Satin stitched the tulips &just threaded the needle with the grey when it was time to call it a night.

Happy Stitching

Saturday, May 7, 2022

FNwF May

 Hosted by Cheryll yesterday was Friday Night with Friends. I had plans but by the time i walked up to the chemist got my flu shot & a few things at the shops all i wanted to do was have a nanny nap. lol

I found this little kit the other day i'd forgotten about. Time to get it stitched up as i think i bought it several years ago.

Thankyou Cheryll for hosting us again.

Pop over here to see who joined in.

Happy Stitching ,

Monday, May 2, 2022

zoom, zoom, zoom

 Chookyblue called a Zoom meeting at short notice for yesterday. I popped in around 8am i think it was stitching in hand ready to chat & stitch the day away. Funny thing is there was very little chatting all day until later on Sunday night :)

I started off with the Summer stitchery

I made it this far by about lunchtime & after that i decided to do some EPP.

I completed this row & started another before we finished up Zoom about 10-10:30pm

It was lovely to sit, sew & "chat" with ladies from all over the world & Australia. Thankyou Chookyblue for a lovely day. Look forward to the next one.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Christmas banner.

 After much faffing around the Christmas stitcheries from Love & Hugs Australia on Facebook are done. I ended up turning them into a banner. After i reversed sewed the table runner i realised when looking for ideas that i hadn't stitched 2 of the little stitcheries up. Those done it was decision time. It is so long i took a photo of the banner curled up & then some closeups of the stitcheries.

Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, April 19, 2022


 Saturday i joined in an impromptu ZOOM with Chookyblue & ladies from all over the world but what to sew? Hmm i ended up doing the big stitch quilting on my background hanging for the little seasons quilts. Quilting on it Saturday evening & also Sunday evening saw that completed & the binding added Monday.

Now i can hang the Autumn stitchery.


On Saturday i also traced out Spring & Summer stitcheries.

Though you'll have to take my word for it. No matter what i tried they just didn't photograph very well.

Sunday saw me faffing around trying to decide what to do with the 10 little Christmas stitcheries from the Love & Hugs Designers on Facebook from 2020.

I had thought to make a banner but decided the blocks looked to big after adding borders. Runner it is then. I put it together with the white squares & left it to quilt Monday. But i'm not happy with it so some reverse sewing will be in order. I've already unpicked some of the quilting. I'd sewn across the white squares so they had an x pattern but when the binding went on the stitching wasn't in the corner under the binding. So out it came.

It's rather long so i had to take 2 photo's. Not sure about that dark green fabric at all. My plan now is to possibly add a red square to the centre of the tone on tone. 

Happy stitching,

Saturday, April 16, 2022

FNSI/EWSI April part 1

 Time again for FNSI hosted by Wendy. Though this month it is also an Easter Sew in. :)

I started with this folder. It was 3/4's done a month or so ago & it didn't take long to finish so i don't know why i left it. It only needed the front attached to the inner & the binding done.

Heartfelt Sewing Folder by Gail Pan Designs.

When Gail Brought out her Changing Seasons book in 2019 I traced out 2 of the 4 seasons stitcheries (not sure why i didn't trace all 4) & they sat until i stitched them last year. There they sat again until yesterday.

All they needed was the binding & the hanging hooks added to the back. But before i stitched the binding onto them i had put together the background hanger.

I'm hand quilting in the lag cabin strips which is why it isn't completed. Now to trace & stitch Spring & Summer before those seasons come around. lol.

Pop over here to see who has joined in & the projects they are working on.

Happy Stitching,


Saturday, April 2, 2022

FNwF April

 I started my sewing day early for FNwF hosted by Cheryll.

I had stitched 6 little stitcheries before Christmas but didn't get around to completing the project. Wednesday i cut the backgrounds out & stitched them down ready to finish yesterday. All that needed doing was to sew the seams, turn inside out & then quilt.

Pattern is Sew Some Joy by Marg Low Designs. Marg had mounted her stitcheries on 6 little boards but as i had a large canvas i covered it with a cream material( not that you can see it) ran some Christmas string across it, found some tiny pegs & it was done.

In the evening i finished this stitchery off

The bunny just need a bit of back stitch & the satin stitch & the blue hearts need to be done & it's now ready to be turned into a project pouch.

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Joy Bunting

The 3rd project from the other day is finished. Joy bunting from The Raspberry Rabbits

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Small finishes

 Time to stop faffing around & start clearing out my small ufo tray. I'll get to my large ufo's at a later date.   

The appliqued hexagon from my last post is now turned into a needlcase ready to post off with the doll quilt.

It has pockets on the inside to hold things

The other finish is a swag bunting from Gail Pan called "Joy Bunting"

There was a 3rd project also a "Joy" bunting which i didn't get finished last night. Hopefully today it will get done. :)

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, March 19, 2022

FNSI March

 Hard to believe but here we are in the middle of March already & time for FNSI. Thankyou Wendy for hosting us again.

My day started early as i needed to get my little doll quilt made for a swap. I'd appliqued the hexies down earlier in the week so there wasn't a lot to do to finish it.

When doing the applique i discovered i can't count & had made 13 rosettes. Wondering what to do with the extra one i decided to use it up in a needlecase to send with the quilt. Background fabric was found & i did the applique.

Now to finish it. :)

Hmm only early evening & i don't know what to do. EPP ? can't do any stitchery as i 've none traced out. Wonder if  there is anything already pre-printed? Yes there is. I remembered about  gift sent to me earlier this year was ready to stitch. Problem solved. lol

Pop over here to find links to who joined in FNSI.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, March 5, 2022

FNwF March

 Last night for March FNwF i started block 6 of  "A Redwork Christmas" by Fig 'n' Berry Creations. It was put out last year but i only stitched a few blocks. Hopefully i'll get it done for this Christmas :)

Then as i went to pack it away to go to bed this happened

She had been sitting on the arm of the chair beside me whilst i was stitching but something disturbed her & she decided my box of sewing would then be a good place to sleep. :) lol.

Thankyou to Cheryll for having us around again. Pop over here to find links to who joined in last night.

Happy Stitching,

Monday, February 28, 2022

a small finish

 February has passed me by with little sewing to show for it. Today i picked a small project to finish.

 Pattern is "A Heart for Christmas" by fig 'n' berry creations

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, February 27, 2022

February Zoom.

 After the month i had it was wonderful to sit & sew yesterday with lovely ladies from all around the world in a Zoom session hosted by Chooky. 

Not sure how many ladies joined in as they come & go all day. I managed to get a photo at one stage of the day.

I worked on a block from Lucy

I had nearly finished adding the white to my block when my daughter asked if i wanted to run to the shops. Not really but figured i'd buy a few extras in case of delays with trucks getting through as with all the rain it's flooding in quite a few areas. Talk about panic buying, the bread shelf was completely empty. Makes a change from the toilet paper shelf being bare. Ha ha. :).

Happy Stitching,

Monday, February 21, 2022

Singer machines

 My lucky day today. This gorgeous machine came into my possession. I've been hoping to get a Featherweight 222 but they were either to expensive or to far away for me to look at before buying. 

Whilst away in New South Wales dealing with the passing of my Mum a local to me in Queensland lady put the machine up on Facebook. I thought darn i've missed out again. Well the machine was still there next morning & she'd even lowered the price. :) Still i thought what to do as there was no one at home who could look for me. I decided to message her to explain about my situation & luckily for me she was quite happy to wait until i could go & look today. YAY.

Here she is.


1957 Featherweight 222. Now i have a matching pair as i bought a 221 a few years ago.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, February 5, 2022

FNwF February.

 Boy FNwF has rolled around quick. I think i blinked & missed January somehow. Lol. I'd better not blink again or it will be December. Ha Ha.

Thanks to our lovely hostess Cheryll for another lovely evening of sewing.

I have been working on my Lucy blocks of an evening so i continued with them last night.

This block had half of the white border down so that was finished off last night & i got another started

Pop over here to see who joined in last night.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Christmas Table Runner

 Yesterday i pulled a bit of sewing mojo from somewhere & completed one ufo & have another half done which i hope to finish today.

The table runner is only a short term ufo having made the top in December. :)

It was hard trying to get a decent photo. The runner is really long & there isn't a lot of good light coming into the house with the day being slightly overcast.

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Australia Day 2022 & Zoom.

 Australia Day was overcast & rainy for me. A nice cool day to sit & sew.  Chooky invited us to a zoom get together in the afternoon & it was lovely to chat with all the ladies who were able to join in.

I stitched my the hexies for the doll quilt i'm making. I had 9 left to do.

I finished these 7 whilst on Zoom

and these 2 last night. I now have all 12 i needed so today i'd better find what fabric i need to make the quilt. :)

Thanks ladies & Chooky for a pleasant afternoon.

Happy Stitching,

Monday, January 24, 2022

Zoom, zoom

 Yesterday Chooky hosted a short Zoom chat. as always it was lovely to join in chat to the lovely ladies from all over the world who regularly join & to see some new faces.  We have had 3 Zoom chats this month which has been wonderful.

Whilst chatting i stitched my little Christmas stitchery.

I had just started doing the satin stitch when it was time to finish the Zoom chat. :). Whilst watching the tv last night i completed all the satin stitch. Now to decide what to turn the stitchery into.

Kathleen Tracy started a hexagon sew along on her Facebook group at the start of January. I had my fabrics chosen but until now didn't have time to start. I managed to make 2 last night & have a 3rd one done. It will be a 9 patch hexagon doll quilt.


Happy Stitching,

Saturday, January 22, 2022

FNSI January 2022

 Wendy, our lovely hostess, is again running FNSI & last night was the first for 2022 & that sadly means January is almost gone. Thankyou Wendy for hosting us again.

I really didn't know what i wanted to do yesterday. Start my dolls quilt, work on ufo's start something new? endless possibilities. In the end i didn't do a lot.

I made a Christmas quilt some years back & when i put the top together i realised out of the 25 blocks for some reason i'd only done borders on 3 of them. I got the top out a few weeks back & started stitching those borders. I only had 1-1/2 left so i finished those off.

Now it is off the ufo pile & onto the "to be quilted pile". :) Ha Ha.

I had found up a small Christmas stitchery yesterday afternoon & prepared it ready to stitch last night.

 Pop over to here to see who joined in & the projects they worked on.

Happy Stitching,

Friday, January 21, 2022

Kitchen drawer liners

Finally after sewing on & off for 2 weeks the other 15 liners to go with the 2 in my last post are finally done. yay.

This all 17 of them in varying sizes. Most though were around 80cm x 48cm. I just hope my sister is happy with them.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, January 8, 2022

FNwF January 2022

 Here we are at our first FNwF for 2022 with thanks to Cheryll for hosting us again this year. Hard to believe Christmas has passed by again so quick & we are in 2022 already.

My sister had a new kitchen built last year & asked me to make mats to sit in the drawers. The fabric finally arrived as Christmas so yesterday i thought i'd better shift myself & get them made as there is 17 mats to do. Well i don't know if she miscalculated the fabric amount or i did with my cutting or a combo of both but i have run short of fabric.

I got these 2 finished yesterday. They measure 80cm by 48 cm. There are 8 of this size & i have another 4 ready to quilt & 1 cut out ready to baste. That is when i discovered not enough fabric to make 1 more of the large mats & the 9 smaller mats. Fortunately i have the grey homespun in my stash but not the aqua & the white. So a trip to Spottie's is in order to find those(cross fingers). Hopefully i can get the mats done quickly & posted away so i can get back to my own projects. :)

Pop over here to see who joined in & what projects they worked on.

Happy Stitching,

Monday, January 3, 2022

The bear's new quilt.

 Last time my GS was over we started to make a small quilt for his bear. He chose 6 x 6" squares & sewed them together. Today he asked could he finish his little quilt. I found some wadding for him & a piece of backing. Last time i asked how he wanted to quilt it giving him a couple of options & he went with grid quilting.

So with GS pushing the pedal & me helping guide the quilt off we went. Left the drawn lines a couple of times but overall he was happy with it. Next was finding some binding. He went with a piece of aqua homespun i had leftover. I sewed that down for him as he thought that was bit more complicated than he was prepared for :). Rather than hand stitching the binding down i decided i'd have a go using the machine to do it. I wasn't that keen on my first attempt at it but GS was happy so all is well.

So the bear should be warm tonight. Lol.

Happy Stitching,


Yesterday was another very lovely Zoom day hosted by Chookyblue  This session was not a quiet one like last time. :) Lots of chatting learni...