Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Found The Easter Bunnies

My Bunnies have turned up. I think they may have been visiting the Bunnies at Janet's blog.
They are so cute. Pattern was in the recent Homespun by Angels In Disgusie.
Here are the Bunnies with their carrots in the baskets.

I recently spotted this stitchery on a blog somewhere. It's all blackwork. Be a change for me from redwork.
Spotted this recently on Jo's blog. I've been wanting this pattern since seeing it made up on Sarah's blog the end of last year. I ordered it straight away & Jo told me i was her first customer. :)
Had to have this cute dolphin

Yesterday was sewing day at the patchwork shop. All i planned to buy was some reproduction fabrics for the Civil War quilts & some florals for Lisa's BOM.
Which i did until it was time to leave. Then i spotted these & they had to come home with me. :)
An Embroiderer's Blessing. Gorgeous embroidery from Crabapple Hill.
And Barri Sue Gaudet's new book. Lots of lovely goodies to make from this book.
This pattern was bought because Judy suggested we do a group sewing project. And as it's nice & easy it's right up my alley. :)

 Hugs, Jeanette

Monday, March 29, 2010

Never Smile At........

A Crocodile. :)

Recently Clare mentioned on her blog about people offering to test her patterns. I offered her my help if she needed more. Clare sent me this gorgeous critter to make to test the pattern.

My 8 year old scored the crocodile & has taken him for show & tell today.
I also sewed & stuffed these carrots for the naughty bunnies who seem to be hiding somewhere. If you see them send them around to get their carrots please.  The tutorial is on Clare's blog for the carrots. So that is 12 carrots & 1 crocodile, mmm 13 more finishes for March. :)

 Hugs, Jeanette

Friday, March 26, 2010

Needleturn Tutorial it will be long.

I promised some friends long ago that i would show them how i do my needleturn now. Thought i would share it with everyone. I loved the look of needleturn but something always turned me off of it. I stuck to buttonhole applique for many years even though now & again i would have a go at the needleturn. I was never quite happy with the results. Now i LOVE it. :) Even though this method is a bit time consuming & fiddly it's so worth it.
First of all i gather my tools in preparation. Freezer paper(of course), spray starch, liquid starch, fray stop, glue, small bowl for liquid starch, paint brush & i do use a large pair of tweezers for removing templates but they are missing from the photo. It must be starch not iron aid.
I don't use an ironing board. This is a board wrapped in soft fabric. It's more solid to iron on than an ironing board. Below is the mini iron i use for the applique. I use a normal size iron for the bias most time.
Cut or tear 2 equal sized sheets of freezer paper.
You can see i've marked the sheets on 1 end A &C

and B &D on the other end. The reason for this is so they remain in the same direction as you tore them off the roll. Spray both sheets with the spray starch & iron individually. The iron them together remembering to have A over C & B over D & dull side to shiny side. Did you know freezer paper had to be pre-shrunk before using for applique? I didn't until about 2 years ago. Sure explained why my templates never were the same size as the pattern.
The 2 pieces ironed together.

Using a light source trace the pattern onto the freezer paper.
All traced ready to cut out.
Ironed on to applique fabric i only cut about an 1/8th of an inch seam to iron down.
Using the paint brush & liquid starch paint the seam line well with the starch.  Iron the seam allowance over the edge of the template to get a smooth finish. Remove the template whilst still warm. Gently re-press your seam down. I LOVE this method as it means the freezer paper is removed before appliqueing down & i don't have to cut slits in background fabric to remove the paper like the old way of needleturn using paper.
 A finished piece before removing template. For curves & convexes i use fray stop first on the fabric. When that dries i then apply the starch & cut the fabric to 1 or 2 threads near the template. See above where i've nicked the seam at the corners of the hat.
Template removed. Lovely flat curves. This method is great as you don't get points where you shouldn't have points.
My bias strip. I iron mine in 3. I cut the piece 3 times the width i want. If it's 1/4" I'll cut my bias strip 3/4". Spray with the spray starch 
Ironed a 1/3 over & now ironing the last 1/3 over that.
All finished.
Place background fabric over pattern on your light source.
Using glue stick or basting glue, glue your applique pieces to background fabric.
All peices glued on. I use a washable green pen to draw embroidery on.

The finished block.
This block didn't use circles but i'm showing the way i do nice round circles with no bumps. As i use a cardboard template i cut out the required amount needed as the spray starch ruins the templates. Finished circle beside the template. You definately need the tweezers to remove the cardboard. Pin the cardboard circle to the applique fabric & cut around leaving a generous 1/8th" seam allowance. Using a matching thread gather up the seam allowance & tie off. Paint with the liquid starch or spray with starch & iron. Remove the template & you have a perfect circle. For really tiny circles some people have been using those sticky circles that are used on loose leaf A4 sheets to stop the holes tearing when inserted into a ring binder folder. They can be left in the applique fabric & cause no problems. I've not tried this yet but know several people who do & they assure me they are safe to use.
The circle all gathered, starched, ironed & cardboard removed.
I think that is all. If you have any questions please ask.

Hugs, Jeanette
PS: I did forget to say that sewing threads must match applique fabrics & try to use cotton fabrics & sewing thread.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ugly Fat 1/4 swap

Recently Jenny & Fiona hosted a swap. An ugly fat 1/4 swap mind you. I don't "do" ugly at all. :)  I participated & found up some fabric. Whilst not "ugly" i've never liked it. No i didn't buy it, it was sent to me in a fat 1/4 swap about 10 years ago. Jenny assigned me Cath. Well fat 1/4 & bits & pieces were duely exchanged. I ummed & ahhed about what to make & here is what i came up with.  Oh Cath & i have done our swap back. :)
This is what i made Cath. A dresden girl wallhaging. The blue borders & binding was Cath's choice for "ugly". I rather liked it & thought it very nice.
Cath made me this gorgeous mini sewing tote. Front
Back. Cute raggedy. You can't see it properly but there is a cute wooden tag attached too which Cath has burnt details of the swap into.
Inside. Pockets, pincushion & needle holder.

Oh that makes another finish for me. YAY.

 Hugs, Jeanette

Monday, March 15, 2010

My sewing Sunday resulting in 3 more finishes

My Sunday was spent sewing. I'd already cut out the pieces needed for Dawn's lovely Baseco bag. So off to a flying start with all prepared & the result is this. Had to be purples for me. :)
After a small rest i put 2 small wallhangings together that have been sitting as finished tops for maybe 2 years. Before that they were tops for 3 years. I'd ironed the applique on & that was it. So i'm sitting there last night merrily sewing the binding down when i realised one was supposed to have embroidery on it. Damn.
The embroidery looks very naive/country style. It's says "Love Thy neighbour". Pattern by the Chook Shed girls. Hard to get good hired help these days. :) Last night i thought i'd better check a few other small hangings to see if embroidery needed & yes i discovered 2. Today i sat to finish sewing down the binding on number 2 wallhanging only to discover it to needed a small amount of embroidery. Just not my day/s.
Here's number 2. Also from the Chook Shed. Prepared oh so long ago. :).
Well i did have an excuse about the embroidery. Sick 4 days last week with migraine so was very tired & then had an 8 year olds birthday party Saturday. Then i've wound up with a cold & sore throat.  So i'm not thinking straight. :) Thats my story & i'm sticking to it.
 Hugs, Jeanette

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

some finishes for meeee!!!!!

I spent Sunday sewing & then came down with a migraine so this is the first chance to post what i achieved Sunday. My SIL loves to knit & crochet so for her birthday i made her needle/hook holders.

This is the inside of the crochet hook holder.
The outside with wooly sheep.
Inside the knitting needle holder. Found some lovely fabric with needles & wool.
The outside of the knitting needle holder. Hope my SIL likes her present.
Close up of Jenny's bag. It goes with the journal cover i recently made.
The handles also have embroidery along them.
Here is Verandah Views finally completed. YAY.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous day.
Hugs, Jeanette

Thursday, March 4, 2010

giveaway & a lovely bag pattern

Vicki is celebrating her 2 years of blogging &  has some fabulous goodies to giveaway. Pop on over & see what you could win.

 This beautiful bag is made by Dawn.
. Dawn has this pattern for sale as a PDF for only $4.00 & all the proceeds are going to Baseco. Drop on by Dawns blog to read all about it.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winner, Parcel & Pattern.

I was feeling down yesterday when the postie dropped a parcel on my doorstep. I was quite surprised as i wasn't not expecting anything or so i thought. I was greatly puzzled & the sticker on the front afforded me no info except that it had come from America. I carefully opened the enveleope to discover this lovely wrapped parcel. Yummy purple just for me. Heh Heh.
Still greatly puzzled i unwrapped the parcel seeking an idea who it was from. Found a card which was blank like my mind. As i was searching again i spotted a note in the book that was part of the parcel when a magnent dropped out in front of me. Problem solved. I recently joined in some of the giveaways on OWOH & the lovely Jules emailed me to say i'd won her giveaway. Here is what i received.
A lovely card, yummy lemon creme stick & no i haven't quite eaten them all, a romance story, darjeeling tea, a gorgeous butterfly & cute ladybug (sitting on the bag of tea), & the magnet that told me all. :) Oh & those lovely goodies are sitting on a beautiful Pashmina.
I am spoilt. :)
Last week i spotted this bag made up on a blog somewhere & i had to buy it. Isn't it so cute. When opened out it holds all my sewing needs.
I was supposed to have a sewing morning today but unfortunately it was cancelled. :( It's pouring rain again.
Hope you all have a fabulous day.
Hugs, Jeanette

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