Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winner, Parcel & Pattern.

I was feeling down yesterday when the postie dropped a parcel on my doorstep. I was quite surprised as i wasn't not expecting anything or so i thought. I was greatly puzzled & the sticker on the front afforded me no info except that it had come from America. I carefully opened the enveleope to discover this lovely wrapped parcel. Yummy purple just for me. Heh Heh.
Still greatly puzzled i unwrapped the parcel seeking an idea who it was from. Found a card which was blank like my mind. As i was searching again i spotted a note in the book that was part of the parcel when a magnent dropped out in front of me. Problem solved. I recently joined in some of the giveaways on OWOH & the lovely Jules emailed me to say i'd won her giveaway. Here is what i received.
A lovely card, yummy lemon creme stick & no i haven't quite eaten them all, a romance story, darjeeling tea, a gorgeous butterfly & cute ladybug (sitting on the bag of tea), & the magnet that told me all. :) Oh & those lovely goodies are sitting on a beautiful Pashmina.
I am spoilt. :)
Last week i spotted this bag made up on a blog somewhere & i had to buy it. Isn't it so cute. When opened out it holds all my sewing needs.
I was supposed to have a sewing morning today but unfortunately it was cancelled. :( It's pouring rain again.
Hope you all have a fabulous day.
Hugs, Jeanette


Unknown said...

What a lovely surprise Jeanette . Sorry to hear you were feeling a bit down , I hope you are better today .

Kim said...

What a fun package, are you enjoying the book and the tea? Always good on a rainy day!!!! :)

Cubby House Crafts said...

The Sewing Case pattern looks very interesting...I am looking forward to seeing it made up!

Sheila said...

Wasn't it just a lucky day for you , how wonderful to receive these gifts .
Love the new pattern , how sweet is that :-)You will enjoy making and using that one.

Cath Ü said...

I also won something on OWOH... a lovely pendant.. It arrived in the mail yesterday.... Bummer about sewing day being cancelled.. I was looking forward to it.....

can't wait to get the ugly fat 1/4... LOL
Caths Blog
Cath Ü

Khris said...

Yeh you are spoilt...well done..hugs Khris

LittleRed said...

Well what a nice surprise to cheer you up! Isn't unexpected mail just the best!

Little Busy Bee said...

That was a lovely surprise! I also love the pattern you bought, I'm looking foward to seeing it done!