Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Hope everyone has a fabulous New Year. Look forward to sharing the New Year with you all. Hugs

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pressies & flowers.

Picture 077 Picture 078

My lovely friend Sheila, sent me a gorgeous table topper for Christmas along with these pretty purple blooms.

Picture 076

Another lovely friend, Lynda(no blog), sent me this project holder for my birthday. I just love it & have a project already in mind to store in it. :)

Picture 074 Picture 075

Here is a full view of both outside & inside. Along with the holder was included some hexagon templates. Lynda must’ve read my mind as i need some 1” templates for a project from Natalie Birds Tis the Season stitchery book. Aren’t i lucky to have 2 such lovely friends. :)

As it is Thursday i’m a day late with posting my hexies. I was going to stop at 100 with the 1” hexies & decide whether to add a path or not. I’ve not counted the hexies for a while & decided to do so today. The count for the 1” hexies is at 107, bit over the 100 i know. :) The 1/2” hexies are at 66 & the 1/4” are at 22.Picture 079 Picture 080

The 1” & 1/2” hexie blooms,

Picture 081

& the 1/4”.

Picture 073

I decided this year not to make a gingerbread house but to make a star tree. I really hate the recipes supplied with the cutters. I managed to get the dough to work in the end but the stars didn’t cook properly. I think my oven was going out on strike with all the cooking it did on the 24th. Lol. With a bit of determination & luck i managed to get the stars stacked & decorated.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas Day & that the New Year brings you all you wish for.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My busy days.

Yesterday i was determined to finish the Christmas Wishes BOM from last year. I was managing to keep up with Gail’s  posting each month but towards the end i got behind. :( At the start of this year i completed the stitcheries & then put it all together & that’s the way it stayed until now.
Picture 072
I needed to wash the hanging but today turned out to be rainy unfortunately so it’s hanging here wet. Hopefully the hanging will dry out quickly.
Picture 064
Of course being Wednesday i also have my hexagon update. Didn’t think i was going to get any done this week but i squeezed them in. Lol. Above are the 1” hexagons.
Picture 063
3 x 1/2” hexagons. I didn’t set out to make the checked one turn out like it did. Just luck when i saw it after i sewed it together. :)  The red one is out of Christmas fabric.

Picture 065
The baby 1/4” one.
Recently in mentioned about visiting Bronwyn’s Red Brolly shop and that i was waiting eagerly for my goodies to arrive. Monday was the day they arrived. :)
Picture 069
2 lovely purse patterns. Bronwyn also had the handles for sale.
Picture 070
Another purse & a Little Carryall for your sewing needs.
Picture 071
The Stitchers Mat. Told you i splurged. :) My Christmas present to myself. :)
Picture 066
Plus i visited Joy to buy one of her new patterns & the lovely Joy sent me a copy of her Tabletopper  pattern as well. Isn’t she sweet? Thankyou Joy.
Lastly i succumbed to joining in the stitch-a-long for next year. This is what we’ll be stitching:
Picture 068
A Christmas stitchery by Natalie Bird.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Storms & Patchwork.

 Yesterday afternoon a storm hit Ipswich. The wind was blowing the rain every which way.We had to shut up the whole house & then we were so hot despite the coolness of the rain. The poor Christmas tree on the front verandah was blown over & was so soggy when i went to stand it back up again. The dog didn’t like it all either. With the rain being blown everywhere it was even going in under the verandah where she usually sleeps. I took pity on her & put her on the verandah that was reasonably dry.
Picture 037
My daughters stood on the back landing taking photos letting the wind & rain in. :)Picture 038
Picture 041
Just a few shots of what it looked like outside. Inside i set about preparing more things to make. :)Picture 046
The table topper that matches the little embroidered hexies. You can’t really see them but there is traced patterns around the edge to embroider.
Picture 048
Thought i’d done last years free Christmas stitchery from Gail Pan . Then remembered that i didn’t find it until January because we were without internet all of December and i then put it in a folder & promptly forgot about it. :)

Picture 049
This years design from Gail.
Picture 052
Lovely little stitchery from Lisa,
Picture 053
and this cute design from Catherine,
Picture 054
and these were from a stitchery Christmas decoration offered last year from Vicki. I know i won’t get them all stitched up & finished by Christmas but at least i’ll have a head start for Christmas 2011. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Blooms

Yesterday i set to preparing more hexagon templates for my 1” petals . Got them all prepared & fabrics chosen when i went to get the 1/2” ones out. Damn remembered i’d run out of templates. So an internet search was in order. I didn’t find the original web site i used but found another that had 1/2” templates. Only down side of this web site is that it doesn’t fill the whole A4 paper up.

All templates now prepared & fabrics chosen i sat down to start making flowers. Here are my 1” blooms,

Picture 033

the 1/2” blooms,

Picture 034

and the baby 1/4” bloom.

Picture 035

I’ve been busy preparing more Christmas decorations. I finally managed to get a start on Bronwyn Hayes’ Sugarplum Tabletopper.

Picture 036

Only a little applique to go & then it’s on to the embroidery.

If it doesn’t get finished for this year at least i’ll have a head start for next years Christmas time. :) Lol.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finishes, Patterns & Books

I’ve managed to get 2 finishes so far for December & well in time for Christmas. :) 
Picture 025
I framed my redwork stitchery. The pattern is a freebie from Kaaren from last year. I didn’t get round to making it then so i changed the date to 2010 when stitching.
Picture 026
2nd project finished is these cute hexagon stitcheries by Nikki Tervo. I didn't get my blooms done this week for my flower garden so these are my hexies for this week. :)
Picture 027
Couldn’t resist these gorgeous patterns by Natalie Lymer.
Picture 028
I was just about to order these 3 books when a fellow blogger offered me her copies to read. The offer was much appreciated & as you can see of course i said yes. :) I’ve read all 3 & enjoyed them immensely.Picture 029
Forgot to take a photo of this decoration the other day. It was a free pattern offered last year by Gail Pan.
Picture 030
Lastly my daughter decided i need to by this Rachel Hale coffee mug whilst we were out shopping. Like i need another coffee mug. :)
PS: You can see on my right sidebar i've added Bronwyn's link to her new shop Red Brolly. It was dangerous for me to visit as i came away with quite a lot of goodies. :) But then Bronwyn is one of my favourite designers & it is Christmas. :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Christmas Decorations

Picture 016

The green tree all decorated on the verandah.

Picture 018

Covered in twinkling fairy lights.

Picture 019

Not a good shot. :( Damn camera takes age to actually take the photo after press the button. The icicle lights flash in different sequences.

Picture 020


Picture 021

the reindeer & sleigh except the go in different directions. :) Maybe the reindeer is running away. lol The other light is a star. Didn’t seem to matter how many photo’s i took they just didn’t come out clear enough. Really hate the camera. A new on seems to be in order but it will have to wait as i’ve finally got my new computer. YAY.

Picture 022

My daughter decorated the front doors with tinsel & wreath. She hang all sorts of decoration along the verandah too.

Picture 023

The black Christmas tree with the pumpkin light all aglow.

Picture 024

And last but not least a wallhanging my son forgot to take a photo of.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Decorating.

Saturday was the day to bite the bullet & start with the decorating. My daughter wanted a black Christmas tree. Don’t know why as we’ve a perfectly good green one. I told her i wasn’t paying $100 but in the January sales this year they were marked down really cheap. Was a lucky find really as the black trees usually sell out. So we’ve 2 trees up now. The black in the lounge & the green one on the verandah.Picture 011

This tree got all the handmade decorations that i received last year & that i made. I run out of spaces for my little village so on the floor it went. And yes i’ve pumpkin lights rather than Christmas lights. Why? Because i can. :)

Picture 010

Just hope no-one bumps this little collection off the coffee table. Hate to see the nativity get broken.

Picture 012

Christmas bags all in a row. Honestly i didn’t know where to put them all & decided under the windows was a good place to hang them.

Picture 013

Wallhangings & hearts,

Picture 015

the Christmas banner with Santas all in a row & Mr Snowman hanging around.

I’ll be back tomorrow with photo’s of the verandah.



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