Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finishes, Patterns & Books

I’ve managed to get 2 finishes so far for December & well in time for Christmas. :) 
Picture 025
I framed my redwork stitchery. The pattern is a freebie from Kaaren from last year. I didn’t get round to making it then so i changed the date to 2010 when stitching.
Picture 026
2nd project finished is these cute hexagon stitcheries by Nikki Tervo. I didn't get my blooms done this week for my flower garden so these are my hexies for this week. :)
Picture 027
Couldn’t resist these gorgeous patterns by Natalie Lymer.
Picture 028
I was just about to order these 3 books when a fellow blogger offered me her copies to read. The offer was much appreciated & as you can see of course i said yes. :) I’ve read all 3 & enjoyed them immensely.Picture 029
Forgot to take a photo of this decoration the other day. It was a free pattern offered last year by Gail Pan.
Picture 030
Lastly my daughter decided i need to by this Rachel Hale coffee mug whilst we were out shopping. Like i need another coffee mug. :)
PS: You can see on my right sidebar i've added Bronwyn's link to her new shop Red Brolly. It was dangerous for me to visit as i came away with quite a lot of goodies. :) But then Bronwyn is one of my favourite designers & it is Christmas. :)


Michelle said...

Love the stitcheries and thanks for the heads up on those books, I'm off to the library this arvo so will see if they have them first!

Linda said...

Stitcheries are gorgeous. That was a great idea to change the date! The coffee mug is too cute. I'd have a hard time passing that up too!

Wendy said...

Your stitcheries are very nice. I love the little hexies! And you reminded me how much I miss reading. I go in spurts and haven't read a good book in months. Gonna get started again tonight I think. Have a nice week!

Joy said...

Love the little hexie ornies Jeanette!! I bet your place is looking SO festive.
I've been over to the Red Brolly shop a couple of times now, I'm trying hard to resist some of those wonderfully tempting goodies, but you and I both know, it's just a matter of time before I give in LOL.
Joy :o)

Gerda Hartman said...

Love the Christmas hexies. I read those books too!

Renate Bischoff said...

Congratulation. All your stitcheries are so lovely. And the coffee mug is really cute. :-)

Karen said...

The stitchery looks wonderful and I really like the hexie decorations!

Sheila said...

The stitcheries look wonderful Jeanette I just finished both of them as well , the stitching part has been done for a while but I finally made them into small wall hangings .I love them both great job. hugs SHeila

marion said...

can you tell me please if the free patern of gail pan is still availibel?