Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Christmas Decorations

Picture 016

The green tree all decorated on the verandah.

Picture 018

Covered in twinkling fairy lights.

Picture 019

Not a good shot. :( Damn camera takes age to actually take the photo after press the button. The icicle lights flash in different sequences.

Picture 020


Picture 021

the reindeer & sleigh except the go in different directions. :) Maybe the reindeer is running away. lol The other light is a star. Didn’t seem to matter how many photo’s i took they just didn’t come out clear enough. Really hate the camera. A new on seems to be in order but it will have to wait as i’ve finally got my new computer. YAY.

Picture 022

My daughter decorated the front doors with tinsel & wreath. She hang all sorts of decoration along the verandah too.

Picture 023

The black Christmas tree with the pumpkin light all aglow.

Picture 024

And last but not least a wallhanging my son forgot to take a photo of.



Julia said...

Looks lovely ..
I love your Queenslander home...I have always wanted to live in one..
Julia ♥

Linda said...

Love love love all the decorations and lights! I love it when things look really festive like that! Black tree with pumpkin lights still a classic!! Wall hanging is super cute.

Joy said...

Oh wow, everything looks so pretty and festive!!! LOVE all your handmade deccies Jeanette :o)!!
Joy :o)

Teresa said...

Your house looks great and the tree is so lovely and festive. Looking so Christmassy and beautiful!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I'm quite envious. You are all decorated and my house is still unadorned.