Saturday, October 28, 2017

Catching up.

The week before i added more flowers to my Libby Morgan quilt.
I took a break then & last week stitched merrily away at Ruth's Dream quilt

The last 2 nights i've been making up more hexies for LibbyMorgan
Today i really must get into month 9 of Icecream Soda & then start month 4 of Round We Go. plus i need to drag all my purples out again as i've decided Purplicious Mischief needs another row & slightly wider borders to fir my bed.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, October 21, 2017

FNSI October

I was going to bind my quilt but then i remembered my daughter was booked in for dental surgery so that blew that plan out of the water. So it was just handwork for me last night
The light shining on the number 60 to 68 hexies for 100 days of hexies has made them look a terrible colour. I think i should give up taking photo's. I looked at them on the camera & they seemed a nice photo but when i loaded them onto the computer they looked wrong.

After that i did a repair job for a small boy.
He had asked me if i'd sew his pillow back together. The seam had come undone & i don't know if he'd lost some stuffing or not as it was only about 3/4 full. I pushed that down & added more stuffing so the pillow is nice & comfy now.

Next to do was to finish off this stitchery
All that was left after working on it during the week was the round berries & the border. Glad it's done. Now i can work on my Ruth's quilt stitcheries.

Pop over & visit our very lovely hostess Wendy to find links to who joined in FNSI last night to see what was worked on.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

A tiring week

I've been so tired all week that when i was going to do a blog post yesterday i just couldn't think what i'd done all week. I do know earlier in the week i read & slept quite a bit. I really hate these episodes of exhaustion but it's part & parcel of my health issues. So after much thinking i remembered i'd finished another stitchery in Ruth's Quilt & started another
It's going to be a very no fuss stitchalong for me.

 Next was my coffin quilt. I finished a row on the left side, decided to add a row on the right side because the lady i bought some prepared coffins of used paper rather than card to make them up & sadly it was affecting how the coffins were holding up. Now it sits better having the stronger cardstock. A top row was also added & ive started another row at the top.
Now i've been sucked in to start another quilt. It's a sew along making a hexagon quilt based on a book by Leah Zeiber called Libby Morgan: Reunion. It is set in 1855 & everyone is using fabrics from the time & they are fussy cut. I really don't like fussy cut as it wastes too much fabric but i've been trying really hard to get over my aversion. :)
My first 13. Crap photo's today as it's raining & therefore very dark. I turned the light on but it didn't really help. :(

I did also make up hexies for my 100 days. 49 to 59

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, October 7, 2017

FNwF October

I was going to put the binding on my recently quilted top. I even dragged out fabrics to see what binding would look the best. But it was just a little to hot to be doing that. Instead i finished making up coffins
the last 26 to make 1000 of them. All that's left is the half coffins & the side pieces. As i'm not sure how many of those i'll need i'll make them up when the top is together.

After that it was onto some embroidery. I started this little one on Wednesday night & finished last night.
The pink/green combo is a little hard to see as it is very overcast here. Hopefully there will be rain as we badly need it.

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Prepping & EPP

Yesterday i traced out the stitcheries for Ruth's Quilt. The cat decided i needed very close suppurrvising.
I hadn't decided what colours i would do the quilt in until i went through my Cottage Garden Threads. I found exactly what i wanted
The fabrics will be in greens & pinks.

 After lunch i cut out the next 4 blocks in Round We Go BOM. They went together very quick as i finished them before bed
Now to wait for month 4. I hope it's an easy one too. 😊.

I went to the craft show today & picked up a quilt from Fiona. When i came home i put it on the lounge & decided to see if 2 quilt tops, backing & wadding would fit in the mail bag Fiona returned to me. I then sat it on top of the bag on the lounge. I go out & come back to this
Darn cat. Makes herself at home anywhere.

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, October 1, 2017

My Stitching week

During the week i finished of the last 2 letters of Mr W's banner.
Made the next 8 blocks for Icecream Soda
This is all 64 stacked together. Another 2 months is left in the BOM.
Last night i caught up on my 100 day hexies.
36 to 48 for both the brights & the repro's. Now to get the next 4 blocks of Round We Go done.

Happy Stitching,


 I started FNSI making bias strips. I had several pieces left from when i made the blocks that were long enough to use so i counted how many...