Saturday, December 18, 2021

FNSI December

 Well here we are at the last FNSI for 2021, 1 week away from Christmas & 2 weeks away from 2022.

Thanks to Wendy for hosting FNSI throughout the year.

For FNSI yesterday i finally got to sit & finish my GD's Christmas present.

Next was to make a 10 minute table runner. I bought this kit many years ago & in my cleaning & sorting i found it & decided to get it made this year.

I started another table runner which according to the pattern i printed it out in 2014. :) The fabrics were also chosen back then too.
binding was made & backing chosen but then i had to stop as my GS was coming to stay the night.

After a pizza dinner i finished this block off. All it needed was some satin stitching on the penguins hat.
As i was stitching my GS was asking me all sorts of questions about stitching so i found him a simple( i hope) pattern to stitch & he has started on that. Meanwhile i started on another block

Pop over here to see who joined in last night & the projects that was worked on.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, December 4, 2021

FNwF December

 Well here we are the final FWnF for 2021. Boy that time has just flown by. Thankyou to Cheryll for hosting us all again this year. I look forward to more sewing nights in 2022.

I had plans of what i wanted to sew but woke up not in the best of moods so i read most pf the day instead. In the evening i didn't feel like stitching any projects that i'm currently working on so what to do? 

Oh i know i will start the project that just arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. My son had asked me what i wanted for my birthday & i had told him i didn't want anything. Then a day or so later Marg Low Designs posted about her latest pattern/kit & i sent my son the link & said you can get me this. Instead he gave me the money to order it. :)

Getting the 6 little stitcheries traced out, 1 completed & the 2nd nearly done was how i spent my evening.

Marg has 2 kits out for this pattern. One with red fabrics & the other red & green. I chose red & green then decided to stitch it in my favourite Christmas thread Mistletoe for Cottage Garden Threads.

Pop over here to find links to who joined in last night.

Happy Stitching,

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