Sunday, November 26, 2023


 I wasn't sure about my desert roses this year. They looked ok but were taking their time putting out leaves. Finally a few weeks back leaves appeared so now i patiently waited to see if flowers would come out. I've been rewarded. :)

Only 2 of my 4 have flowers this year. The big desert rose has buds as of yet.

The hydrangea i took photos of a while back has bloomed. So glad i saved it as it has such pretty pink flowers.

Waiting now for the blood lily to bloom. I was surprised this morning to see how many were in the pot. when i looked the other day there was only one.
this was a pot i rescued from Mum's. So glad i saved it.

The achimenes i rescued haven't faired so well & i'm not sure why. My brother gave me a pot with a few in & it has flowered. There is 4 blooms with another one coming out.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, November 18, 2023

FNSI November

 I was sorting out things in my sewing room the other day & came across a stitchery i have no idea where it came from. Despite having other things i needed to finish i made a start. :)

This is where i was up to last when i joined in FNSI hosted by Wendy

and how far i made it before bed called me. :) Just the bottom section to go & then the dreaded satin stitch. lol

Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

a new jigsaw

 I finally managed to get the last jigsaw done but upon completion found a piece missing. I've looked everywhere but have not found it. I don't know if it was already missing or if it it was lost whilst i was putting it together. Most disappointing.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, November 4, 2023

FNwF November

 Yesterday was FNwF hosted by Cheryll

Recently Gail Pan put out a 3 part Christmas pattern but i was a bit late to start. Finally managed that this week. Last night i started on number 2 stitchery.

By the time i went to bed i made it this far.
Hopefully i'll finish it tonight & can move onto number 3.

Pop over here to see who joined in last night.

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, November 1, 2023


 Mum had a Hoya plant near her back door but as it was entangled  around things & rooted itself into the ground i couldn't remove it when we were cleaning the house out last year. I did the next best thing & took a piece from it which had some roots on it. Planted it a hanging pot & crossed fingers it would survive.

It did & it has 4 flowers on it. 1 has opened, another is ready to open & there are 2 tiny ones just forming.

A while back i bought these 2 plants to put in the front garden. I've been quite slack in doing so but that just means i get to enjoy them looking out the kitchen window or when i'm out the back. :)

My brother palmed off gave me a hibiscus plant year before last. I honestly didn't think it was going to survive no matter what i did. The soil was looking a bit low so last week i carefully took it from the pot added more soil in the base & around it after putting the plant back. Low & behold flowers are starting to appear.
I hope my plants survive the heat of summer.

We had  random visitor last week. I don't know where it came from or where it went after it left as the house isn't near any bushland.

Happy Stitching,


 The day started early for FNSI with me pulling out red, purple, pink & green fabrics to make cracker box blocks. During a break i was r...