Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hexagons, pattern & thread holder

I've made a start on the hexagons i showed last Wednesday for the Vignette hexagon quilt. I've managed to get 9 made & part of another done so far.

I've also finished the row & started the next last night on my hexie top as well.
When Michelle showed this top she was working on a little while back i thought it gorgeous. I was so happy when she posted the other day it was ready to buy. It was waiting for me when i got home last night.
Very pretty pattern & i love the spots. :) Pop on over & visit Michelle as she has a special price on the pattern until June 30th.

The needle/thread holder i showed yesterday is by Clover.
 As you can see from the packaging it's domed.
 I have a needle here threaded ready to insert into the slots that you can see in the blue wheel. It will take10 needles.

Needle in slot & then holding thread firmly hook it around the little cream bit you can see on edge(sorry don't know how to add arrows ect to photo's). Then twist the blue wheel clockwise until thread is wound in. Do slide the needle in further though. I just left it out a bit so you could see it.  If you start at number 1 when adding needle & thread then when you remove the needles/thread go in reverse from 10. To remove: take out needle firmly hold thread & gently pull. No need to turn anything.
 As it has a cover everything stays in there safe & sound. The cover twists on. Quite a good idea the needle/thread holder. Makes me wish i'd ordered a 2nd one for other hand piecing projects. :) lol.

Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yummy Mail

Yesterday a parcel i've been waiting on arrived. I opened it to find the goodies all wrapped up lovely.
 Shell had posted recently about her new pattern & as i loved it i ordered it straight away. Also included was a yummy chocolate & teabag. I've yet to try the tea. I mentioned to Shell that i'd forgotten to order the raspberry thread which you can see in the bag. I hoped she would add it to my order & bill me. Well the lovely Shell added it alright but as a giftie. Aren't i lucky?  Thank you so much Shell.
Such a gorgeous stitched house & piecing around it. I also ordered the Valdani threads that go with it.

These threads were designed for Shell & are called Folk Art for Michelle May. They are gorgeous.
I forgot to take a photo of something i bought & it arrived last week.
I ordered this thread holder from Sarah I'm glad i did as i've a use for it today. I've an hours train ride as i'm off to have my hair done by a trainee hairdresser & this gives me an opportunity to sew hexagons together. :)

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Fabulous Saturday

Friday night my friend Pammi(get a blog Pammi :)) rang & asked me if i had plans for Saturday. My reply was no & she said she was heading Bayside way & would i like to come & we'd visit our good friend Joy. Off we went out for a fabulous day. Thanks for a fabulous day Pammi & Joy. We picked Joy up & off we went to Thread & Ginger . Lovely little shop. I only purchased a few things there. :)
Some pieces for the Civil War quilts & some hanky linen.
And this cute little sewing purse.

Next stop was lunch at McDonalds & then off to Joy's home away from home - Bayside Stitches & Craft shop. Lots of lovely things in there to look at. Only bought a few things to begin with.
Some ric rac, purple fabric, bag wadding & glue refills. I ran out of the refills making all those hexies & my local shop didn't have stock. The only other shop close by me who sells similar glue refills is too expensive. Whilst Joy & Pammi were being served i kept eying off a couple of yummy containers. Joy asked me had i seen the purple suitcases. "What purple ones?" Joy pointed to the ones i'd been eying off. Well i didn't realise they were purple. lol. You can guess what happened next.....
Yep they came home with me. They are so cute. And the other container i was eying off was this one
I'd admired this little case when Joy bought hers. I think i'll use it for my hand piecing projects.

Then we went back to Joy's for a chatty visit & look at what i got

Joys latest gorgeous pattern. Thank you so much Joy.

Friday whilst in Ipswich i went to the cheapie shop & found this gorgeous box to add to my collection

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mail Call

Yesterday my lovely mail people brought me 2 packages. The first was a book from the Book Depository.

Another Tilda book & only because it was on sale too. :) And the 2nd parcel arrived as i left to pick up my daughter from school. I must have looked funny walking up the street tearing it open. lol.
My lovely goodies i won from Michelle. A pattern, 2 cards, fat 1/4, threads & some beautiful buttons. Thank you so much Michelle. I love it all. Especially the pattern as i love anything with teapots/cups.

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Flower Wednesday

It's been a while since i posted about my flower quilt. I finally got myself back into working on it Tuesday nights. I think i've progressed a row & a half since i last posted.
Also over the last few weeks i've cut up a jelly roll into hexagons for the Vignette hexagon quilt. 1 jelly roll down 1 to go. :) Now to start sewing them together. lol
Here they all are. I can cut 16 hexagons for a strip. The spare 2 i shall use in some other project.

Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I won, I won

Recently on SAL Chookyblue drew a name for a prize but as the winner didn't contact her she re-drew the prize & i won. The prize arrived yesterday.
A cute pattern. I love it. I do wish Spring was here. It's quite cold in my house. Thanks Chookyblue for the pattern.
Yesterday i also found out i'd won a giveaway Michelle had recently. Woo Hoo. I very rarely win a thing. Really brightened the day for me on what was another sad day for my kids & i. Both my sons have recently lost mates. I'm a little concerned now as these things usually come in 3's. I sincerely hope not this time around.

Connie( Mama Bell) if you are reading this the Confetti pattern can be found at

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, May 14, 2011

stitcheries & boxes

I had these ready to post yesterday but there were issues with blogger. Still seems to be as it's only showing a few comments on the previous post. I know there were more as i've replied to them. lol
Latest stitcheries in Shell's & Paula's BOMS. I'm having such fun with these & because they are so quick to do i'm easily keeping up with them.

Popped into the local cheapie shop in the hope the may have more chests in but they didn't. However they had a new range of boxes come in so these 2 came home with me.
They are already in use. :)
Have a fabulous weekend wherever you are.

Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday's Doings

Yesterday(Tuesday) dawned nice & sunny, if a little cold, which was fortunate as Vision Patchwork Club was hosting this years Queensland Quilters picnic. I was lucky the venue was across the road from my daughters school as it meant i could arrive bright & early to peruse the quilts Vision quilters had on display & the vendors stall without the crowds. It sure did get crowded later on as several bus loads of quilters from across Brisbane came to join in the picnic.

Of course i came home with lots of goodies after enjoying the day with several friends. 1st stop was Cath's stall. I needed a ruler holder with a few more slots & Cath had one on her stall also with drawers. Now i can store my cutters out of the way
Adorned with such cute little raggies. I also bought a few fat 1/4's,
some cottage garden threads,

 some ric rac & nail file,
just love the red & purple together. Cath gave me one of the patterns in the photo below & i couldn't go past buying the other, :)
I love the cute rabbits.
Judy also had a stall & i found some lovely brown spot fabric & a red there.
Gail's stall was next where i bought more Civil War fabrics,

this cute little hammer,
Why a hammer you ask? Because it does this:

opens out to a range of screwdrivers. :) I'd been trying so hard not to buy this pattern & i blame Joy for me buying it. :)
Gorgeous "It Takes Two" pattern by Sue Daley. Comes with all the templates to hand piece it. At the stall next to Cath's i found this lovely red fabric,
looks pink but it's a lovely red with black lace look all over it. The church where the picnic was held also has a garden club & they had a stall there. I spotted this plant,
I love elephant ear plants. The ladies of Vision Patchwork club had donated goodies for lucky door prizes & i happened to win one. :)
 A very hand bag to hold all my goodies. Inside of bag

The postie came just after i got home & in the mail was Vicki's gorgeous new Christmas pattern
I had a lovely day out yesterday.

Happy Stitching,

Friday, May 6, 2011

New Goodies

 I saw this candle mat on Linda's blog & admired it. She told me where she got it from & the price. A bargain i thought for the pattern & kit & as the Aussie dollar is good i did well with it & postage costs

This book also arrived from the book depository. I wasn't going to order anymore Tilda books but this was a bargain at $7 & free postage. :)

Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Week

As i've joined 2 groups working on quilts from Vignette In Stitches & book 3 is nearly due out i figured i'd better make a start on them. Easter Saturday i traced out the stitcheries for block 1.
I've gotten this far in a week. I also traced out the stitchery needed for the Vignette hexagon quilt but haven't made a start on them yet.
Over the weekend i made a start on the hexagons themselves. I then couldn't decide on which pieces to use as centres. Made the executive decision to trace out all the jelly roll strips & make the leaves up & go from the with the blooms. This is how many i've managed so far.
When i bought my hat bow a while back the shop also had chests for sale. I wanted to get one but by the time i went back they'd all sold. I was in Ipswich the other day & noticed one of the cheapie shops had the hat boxes & other boxes in there. I wandered in as i had 10 minutes to kill before my appointment & discovered to my delight they had some chests there.
I am using this for the hexagons & i use the hat box to store the Vignette In Stitches pieces in. I'd been seeing on a blog for a while hexagons being made for a Confetti quilt. Curiosity got the better of me. I looked it up on Google & found where to buy it. :) This arrived last week.
 Not sure when i'll get time to make though. Too many other projects UFO's to finish & that i'm working on.

Happy Stitching,


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