Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday's Doings

Yesterday(Tuesday) dawned nice & sunny, if a little cold, which was fortunate as Vision Patchwork Club was hosting this years Queensland Quilters picnic. I was lucky the venue was across the road from my daughters school as it meant i could arrive bright & early to peruse the quilts Vision quilters had on display & the vendors stall without the crowds. It sure did get crowded later on as several bus loads of quilters from across Brisbane came to join in the picnic.

Of course i came home with lots of goodies after enjoying the day with several friends. 1st stop was Cath's stall. I needed a ruler holder with a few more slots & Cath had one on her stall also with drawers. Now i can store my cutters out of the way
Adorned with such cute little raggies. I also bought a few fat 1/4's,
some cottage garden threads,

 some ric rac & nail file,
just love the red & purple together. Cath gave me one of the patterns in the photo below & i couldn't go past buying the other, :)
I love the cute rabbits.
Judy also had a stall & i found some lovely brown spot fabric & a red there.
Gail's stall was next where i bought more Civil War fabrics,

this cute little hammer,
Why a hammer you ask? Because it does this:

opens out to a range of screwdrivers. :) I'd been trying so hard not to buy this pattern & i blame Joy for me buying it. :)
Gorgeous "It Takes Two" pattern by Sue Daley. Comes with all the templates to hand piece it. At the stall next to Cath's i found this lovely red fabric,
looks pink but it's a lovely red with black lace look all over it. The church where the picnic was held also has a garden club & they had a stall there. I spotted this plant,
I love elephant ear plants. The ladies of Vision Patchwork club had donated goodies for lucky door prizes & i happened to win one. :)
 A very hand bag to hold all my goodies. Inside of bag

The postie came just after i got home & in the mail was Vicki's gorgeous new Christmas pattern
I had a lovely day out yesterday.

Happy Stitching,


Anonymous said...

Jeanette what a day you had lots of lovely goodies,i am glad the weather was okay we are wet and freezing cold where we are,lovely post.cheers

Red Heads said...

YOU did goood girl. Lovely things you bought & a super win. I am happy you had a great day. Blessings: Dianne

Linda said...

Wow, you sure did come home with a lot of goodies!! I think the hammer is a super cool idea!

Michelle Ridgway said...

That was some mean shopping you did there. Beautiful! I love all the fabric particularly the spotties. I am glad the weather stayed fine you never can tell in Qld these days....

Allie said...

Oh my, I want to come spend the day with YOU! Wow! You got some lovely goodies - I love that ruler holder, what a brilliant creation. And that hammer! And the fabric! Good job, girl!

Cindy MW said...

Congrats for winning Door prize, love it, you'll have to bring for S&T next week.
Love the rulewr holder, fantastic idea with the drawers, also that cute hammer.
Great Shopping. TC, Cindy.

Sheila said...

You sure did have a wonderful day out , how special and I am so happy for you to have won a door prize ,looks like a wonderful bag to use for all your goodies !hugs,

donna said...

Wow what wonderful goodies. Looks like you had a blast shopping.

Vicki ♥ said...

You do know how to shop Jeanette :) Lots of yummy goodies :) hugs Vicki xx

Isabella said...

Golly gosh you did have fun dibnt you LOL love those bags I have three each with a project in it.