Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Christmas Decorating

This is a long post so a cup of tea & some biscuits may be in order. Some of the photo's aren't the best. My camera is playing up. 

 I started decorating on Sunday, trees done by my daughter yesterday & i finished today by getting my 2 really big quilts hung.

Upon entering the short hallway the front door is decorated with a huge red bow.
To the right is a bom from Gail Pan from several years ago. First time it's been hung. I just never had a space big enough until now.

Also on the right are my snowmen, lamp, Santa & another snowman.
To the left is a small cupboard
Next is a tiered shelf unit my Dad made me a long time ago
Then my rather large Jim Shore Santa with a cupboard hanger from Gail Pan Designs
The top of the meat safe is also decorated
The wall above has a few decorations as well
This long hanging was made as a Round Robin with friends in Canada & the US.
In front
My Jim Shore collection
below them a triptych from The Raspberry Rabbits & a folded decoration hanging on the door of a cupboard my Dad made me.
& around the walls of the lounge

The coffee table hasn't got it's usual decorations on it this year as the cat likes to lay there at night :)
A couple of Santa's next to the tree
The main tree
comes with a train
Which the cats aren't to sure about. :)

Some decorations in the kitchen

Onto the dining room & the 2nd big quilt. I made the top in 2004 while living in central Queensland as a BOM. It was quilted for me in 2006 after i moved back to South East Queensland & i've never had a wall space big enough to hang it. So 17 years after making it & 15 years after it was quilted it has finally been hung.
Pattern is from The Chook Shed Girls.

Table decorations with tree number 3
Tree number 2
And hangings on the dining room wall

I said to my family that i was going to go crazy with decorations this year since last year i didn't get to decorate. I don't think i went to crazy. One daughter says i've to much out, i say i haven't put enough out. I only stopped because i ran out of surfaces. Ha Ha. I've still 3 crates that are each half full. :)

I'm still hoping to do some outside decorating if the rain ever stops. I have 1 stake hanging up on the front verandah, the other 2 are each side of my door(out of the rain), the baubles are waiting in a box & my solar laser light decoration might get used this year. Cross fingers.

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Fixer Upper

I made this pattern many, many years ago from a Chook Shed pattern. I thought it was on my blog but as i couldn't find it maybe i made it before 2008 when i started blogging. Blogger seems to have changed things around making it harder to look. 

Anyway i was never happy with the way it was put together from the pattern, just the backing & front, no wadding. So after quite a few years i carefully unpicked it & there is sat with promises to myself each year that i'd get it out & fix it up. A few days ago i made myself get it out  & yesterday made a new backing, cut of a piece of wadding & set to finishing it off. Yay for me it is done & can go under the tree this year complete with photo bomber. :) ;).

Happy stitching,

Saturday, November 20, 2021

FNSI November

 Not a lot of sewing yesterday for FNSI. Thanks for hosting us again Wendy.

 I cut out a small bag for my GD for Christmas. Sewed the front panel & added the applique. Then i set about looking where i put a pile of red fat 1/4's when i moved. I came across a pattern this week i really like. I had received them in a birthday swap & had them where i could see them if i found a pattern i liked. So they were packed away but i wasn't sure where i put them. I found them tucked away in a drawer with other red fabrics. Yay. 

Then i decided to move crates around that just got shoved in the room when i moved. Probably wasn't a good idea as i moved the stack the cat uses to get up on the cupboard. She had to jump further when getting down.

Afternoon & time for Netflix & hand sewing. Stitched all the applique  &embroidery

the pattern it comes from is actually a sewing set but i think it's ideal for little girls as a carry bag. 

And a cat shape which i stitched the embroidery to & the applique heart. Needs to be sewn together & stuffed to pop inside the bag.

Pop over to visit Wendy here to find links to who joined in last night.

Happy stitching,

Monday, November 8, 2021


 I stitched these 3 pincushions by The Birdhouse a while ago & today i made myself sit & finish them. Yay 3 more ufo's done. 

The first one is Creative Critters

The 2nd one is Sew Essential

The 3rd one is ABC mice

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, November 6, 2021

FNwF November

 Yesterday i joined Friday Night with Friends hosted by Cheryll.

My day started with a little housekeeping, repairing a skirt. Not my favourite thing to do but if i want to wear the skirt i must repair it. :)

I'd recently finished an applique Christmas runner so i found wadding & backing for it. My daughter was coming over for help sewing some faux leather pencil cases & i nearly finished the quilt before she arrived. Unfortunately despite the test run working on faux leather scraps the actual cases didn't sew together well. I hope she figures out what to do as i think there was about 10 in the pile to make.

Back to quilting & binding after she left.

That done i started stitching a little "joy" banner from The Raspberry Rabbits.

That was my day. Thankyou for hosting us Cheryll.

Pop over here to find links who joined in.

Happy Stitching,

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