Thursday, February 29, 2024

Happy Leap day

 I was going to say i didn't get any of my ufo's worked on/finished during February but i have been working on something. :)

I finished the 10 Santas.

not a completed ufo but 1 border closer to the wallhanging being finished. I'm almost out of thread  with 3 borders too, hopefully my order will arrive soon. I love cottage garden thread but the run really badly. I followed their instructions but the red has run. :(.

What else have i been doing? Making 1/2" hexies for my hexie diamonds.

Getting caught up on my tiny 9 patches. 

Week 6

Week 7

I now have 70 of each. There is over 400 of the real tiny ones in the quilt the sew along is based on. Not sure how many i'll make of the bigger ones yet.

Thanks to Lou for enabling me. I loved the cross stitch i had recently seen on her blog so i asked for the name of it. After Lou told me i quickly opened up Mr Google & after a little search i found an Australian shop selling it as a kit. It arrived yesterday along with a free little needle minder. You can just see it under the cat.
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Chookshed Stitchers Challenge number 2

Well i kind of dropped the ball with getting Schoolgirl Sampler into a top as that was my goal. To much faffing around. :)

Stats: the last 24 blocks made

          40 odd remaining hst's made

          applique block made & sashings added

         sashings & cornerstones cut

Last week i did make a start on putting rows together but i came upon an issue. Despite several times trying to fix i & not working the blocks went into the naughty corner. I did get it back out that night & put jack to work. The blocks will stay near my machine so that i finish it & not have it sit there another 3 years. :)

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, February 17, 2024

FNSI February

 It was FNSI yesterday hosted by Wendy  I started my day bright & early.

My tiny 9 patches were made

Next the RSC blocks for this month.
the 6 circles were stitched
and 1 basket
before i called it quits for the night.

Pop over here to see who joined in.

Happy Stitching,

Monday, February 12, 2024

Schoolgirl sampler blocks

 I finished the last six blocks yesterday.

 Luckily i made myself notes & could see i only had 46 hst's left to make & they were also done yesterday.

All that is left now is to do the applique centre the put the top together.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, February 10, 2024

FNwF February(take 2)

 I started off FNwF by making the next 6 blocks for schoolgirl sampler. Only 6 blocks left now.

Then onto my 9 patches for this week

Evening stitching saw me working on the Santas. Number 7 was completed & i made a start on number 8
I thought i'd lost the gladioli bulbs i planted but 2 survived. Both have flowers on them but only this one has opened. You can just see the flower stalk for the other in the background.
Thanks Cheryll for hosting us again. Pop over here to see who joined in last night.

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Sunday Sewing

 The next 6 blocks for schoolgirl sampler are done.

Pulled to more flimsies from the ufo pile & prepared wadding & backings for them. They are now ready to be quilted. Only one frankenbatting this time. ) Plus 2 backing pieces large enough not to need piecing.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Friday sewing (FNwF February)

 No time like the present to get schoolgirl sampler underway. Luckily i had left a marker in the book as to where i was up to. :) I only had 24 blocks left to make & about 40 odd hst's so it shouldn't take me long to get those done & then onto the applique.

First 6 are done

Next i put borders on a little top i had finished last year. I had gotten it out last week to quilt it but wasn't happy with it like it was. That done some franken batting was made up & a pieced backing. Ready now to quilt
For last nights stitching another neglect project which has long been a ufo. The borders on a Christmas quilt that have quite a lot of work on them. This border has 10 Santas as the quilt is based on 12 days.
This is Santa number 5.

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, February 1, 2024

9 patches & Chookshed Stitchers Challenge

 Yesterday saw me making week 3 blocks for the tiny 9 patch challenge.

teeny size & ....
.... the slightly larger size.

Number 2 is the number for this months Chookshed Stitchers Challenge. Luckily there is an extra day this month as my number 2 is Schoolgirl Sampler. :) :). I started this 3-4 years ago & faithfully made my 4" blocks every week along with the half square triangles needed in one of the borders. This is where i left it..... i moved house right in the middle of the 12 weeks that Kathleen Tracy had given us to make the quilt. I lost interest after that. Several times over he last years i have told myself "get back to it" No i have to do it since it's on my list. So back to making 3" blocks, an applique centre & more half square triangles. I really hope i have a quilt top by months end. 

Happy Stitching,

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