Thursday, February 29, 2024

Happy Leap day

 I was going to say i didn't get any of my ufo's worked on/finished during February but i have been working on something. :)

I finished the 10 Santas.

not a completed ufo but 1 border closer to the wallhanging being finished. I'm almost out of thread  with 3 borders too, hopefully my order will arrive soon. I love cottage garden thread but the run really badly. I followed their instructions but the red has run. :(.

What else have i been doing? Making 1/2" hexies for my hexie diamonds.

Getting caught up on my tiny 9 patches. 

Week 6

Week 7

I now have 70 of each. There is over 400 of the real tiny ones in the quilt the sew along is based on. Not sure how many i'll make of the bigger ones yet.

Thanks to Lou for enabling me. I loved the cross stitch i had recently seen on her blog so i asked for the name of it. After Lou told me i quickly opened up Mr Google & after a little search i found an Australian shop selling it as a kit. It arrived yesterday along with a free little needle minder. You can just see it under the cat.
Happy Stitching,


Laura said...

The Santas are really cute, and love those tiny nine patches! :)

kiwikid said...

You have done so much this month!!

Maria said...

Even though you didn’t have a complete finish you have still achieved a lot.
Enjoy your Cat cross stitch.

Lin said...

Great santas and all those tiny blocks! I use a product called Metapex for removing excess dye when I am dyeing fabrics. I used it on my Cottage Garden threads when I got them as I had heard of the problem. It does seem to have worked. I also used it on a table runner when some red dye had run from one of the fabrics and it did the trick there too. xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

Love those Santa's. You have been busy this month. Enjoy your kitty project x

Julie said...

The Santas are wonderful Jeanette - well done! You seem to achieve lots to me! That x-stitch looks a lovely pattern. Yes I have had the cottage garden threads run on me too. xx

loulee said...

The santas look great. What a shame about the red thread running though.
Hehe, another wee black cat keeping an eye on someone. You're welcome.

Fiona said...

Love the Santa's - what a shame it has run. I actually pour boiling water over mine several times to flush colour before I start using it..... Not sure if that will stop the running all together as I haven't tested it.
the cross stitch is perfect.... I am seriously looking into mini nine patches


Chookyblue...... said...

You got heaps done...... You're sure in a tiny phase at present......

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