Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Flower Wednesday

I lost a day last week somewhere. Come Wednesday i was wondering why every one was posting flowers. Was very puzzled until i realised “damn it is Wednesday & i haven’t done my flowers”. I did get them made but not posted.  as time got away again with making another cloak which i didn’t get a photo of it.
Boy was that a nightmare. The young lad decided he wanted his in satin & with a caplet. He wanted to make it himself but has no experience with sewing. Oh dear. Cutting out was mostly wrong. Had seams where it should’ve been cut on fold. Cut on a fold where a seam should’ve been. Then to cap it off he didn’t have enough satin so i had to find other black material for the front sections. I kindly offered to sew it together for him. Oh it’s together now with much effort & cursing. :) Just wish i’d gotten a photo.
photo's 5935
This week i’m a bit better with my days. :) Here are my 1” hexies for last week & this's 5936
The 1/2” hexies &
photo's 5937
the babies. Sorry about the photo’s. Lounge room is just to bright. :( Either that or i need a new camera.
photo's 5939
This arrived last week . The next in the series of “someday quilts” by Clare O’Donohue. Quite a good read. It’s a mystery novel with quilting thrown in.
photo's 5940
These arrrived also. Hadn’t heard of this writer before & came across her quite by accident. Enjoyed these immensely. photo's 5938
Book 3 of the series i posted about 2 posts ago finally arrived. was worth the wait. I couldn’t put the book down until i found out what happened. :) All books from my favourite shop.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I’m late for Flower Day.

I had every intention of posting yesterday but i was busy at the machine. Wish i could say it was working on ufo’s but it wasn’t. I had to make 2 cloaks. Although the pattern is quite simple they were time consuming to make. Tuesday was spent making 1 & yesterday the other. They are now in the wash as both are black & attracted quite a lot of fluff. That gives me 2 finishes at least for October.

photo's 012

Tuesday night i sat & sewed 3 more 1” flowers,photo's 013

2 by 1/2” & 1 by 1/4” flowers. photo's 014

I love to read about the Amish & found parts 2 & 3 of a series in a local bookshop. I’d bought part 1 ages ago & had forgotten all about it. At the time the shop didn’t have parts 2 & 3 in stock. It sure was a struggle trying to remember what it was about when i started reading part 2since it was a long time since i’d read the first book.

photo's 015

But then i also found this 3 part series but the shop only had books 1 & 2. They had no idea when part 3 would come in so online i hop & discover the Book Depository had a copy. :) It should be here very shortly.

photo's 016

Jenny recently mentioned she was selling off some fabric & things. I discovered this honeybun which i need for a pattern i recently bought. The honeybun has found a good home Jenny. :)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flower Day

photo's 004
After spending Sunday & Monday preparing hexies i only managed 2 blue 1” ones this week.
photo's 005
2 1/2” ones &
photo's 006
1 1/4” one.
photo's 007
This i my display stand. An antique spinning wheel i recently bought. It’s missing the cord from around the big wheel to the small wheel which i’ll have to get replaced. It’s really just for display purposes though. I haven’t used a spinning wheel since i was about 16 so i don’t know how i’d go at spinning now.
photo's 002
I was going to start making the hexie bag pattern up when i realised the 1/2” hexie shapes off the internet may not be quite right. Better to order pre-cut shapes to ensure the bag comes out the right size to fit the handles. I ordered another handle while i was ordering the hexies so now i can make both bags. :)
photo's 003
Found this sweet pincushion design over at Cori's . The pattern has 2 styles. I love pincushions. Don’t use most of them. I seem to collect them for display.
photo's 010
This came in the mail yesterday. Couldn’t resist Bronwyn Hayes new pattern. :) I had to go into town today so i went to Bargain Box &  bought some of the fabrics needed. As the rest are small pieces for applique they will come out of my stash.
photo's 008
These 2 i bought just because i could. :)
photo's 011

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