Thursday, October 14, 2010

I’m late for Flower Day.

I had every intention of posting yesterday but i was busy at the machine. Wish i could say it was working on ufo’s but it wasn’t. I had to make 2 cloaks. Although the pattern is quite simple they were time consuming to make. Tuesday was spent making 1 & yesterday the other. They are now in the wash as both are black & attracted quite a lot of fluff. That gives me 2 finishes at least for October.

photo's 012

Tuesday night i sat & sewed 3 more 1” flowers,photo's 013

2 by 1/2” & 1 by 1/4” flowers. photo's 014

I love to read about the Amish & found parts 2 & 3 of a series in a local bookshop. I’d bought part 1 ages ago & had forgotten all about it. At the time the shop didn’t have parts 2 & 3 in stock. It sure was a struggle trying to remember what it was about when i started reading part 2since it was a long time since i’d read the first book.

photo's 015

But then i also found this 3 part series but the shop only had books 1 & 2. They had no idea when part 3 would come in so online i hop & discover the Book Depository had a copy. :) It should be here very shortly.

photo's 016

Jenny recently mentioned she was selling off some fabric & things. I discovered this honeybun which i need for a pattern i recently bought. The honeybun has found a good home Jenny. :)



Eileen said...

Beautiful hexies, love your colors. I am very into white as of late and think they make lovely quilts.
I have read the Beverly Lewis series and enjoyed them as I am sure you will. A couple of years ago I was given the opportunity to go to Pennsylvania and quilt with real Amish women. Yes they can quilt and they also have the best sense of humor. It was a grand week to get to know some of the ladies. The quilt stores are amazing and very inexpensive. I hope to be returning in the next year.

Anonymous said...

Such pretty hexies! A friend of mine bought those books when we were visiting Berlin, Ohio a couple of years back. She loved them. toni xxx

Kate said...

Hi Jeanette...Lovely Hexie flowers for your garden.It sounds as though you have been very busy,
I too am an avid reader, but since becoming addicted to hexies have had book withdrawal symptoms.!! So i have borrowed audio books from the library and at the moment it is satisfying my need,I am interested in the ones you showed ,so will see if i can get hold of a copy,,Kate x

Joan said...

I was late too - but better later than not at all...great colours.

Sandra said...

Beautiful hexies this week. Progress is still progress even if you are posting late:)

I too enjoy reading the Beverly Lewis books. I live in Ohio and grew up on a farm surrounded by Amish neighbors. They are very hardworking and humble people.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

I wonder what you are going to make with the honeybun, Jeanette? I am intrigued. :-)
Love Amish novels!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeanette, Love your hexis. The colors are beautiful. I admire anyone who works on them. Ooh, what are you using the honey-bun for? You have peaked my curiosity. Keep at it, even if you work on just one or two flowers a week, you will get there soon enough.


Sheila said...

Good for you getting some flowers made with all the other sewing you have been busy at .No flowers for me this week :-(Those books look interesting ,must see if our library carry any of them . said...

Beautiful hexaflowers, Jeannette! And the honeybun is lovely, too.
Happy stitching, Cisca

Paula said...

Your flowers are lovely. The books sounds interesting, I love to read but with all the sewing I love to listen to audio books. And the honeybun looks great, and what are you using it for???? :-)

Happy stitching

Narelle said...

Lovely hexies!
Can I ask how you measure your hexies?
1/4" is super tiny which ever way!

Brigitte said...

We always like to see hexagons no matter how late that might be

Karen said...

Pretty flowers Jeanette! The little one is so sweet.