Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Christmas Decorating

This is a long post so a cup of tea & some biscuits may be in order. Some of the photo's aren't the best. My camera is playing up. 

 I started decorating on Sunday, trees done by my daughter yesterday & i finished today by getting my 2 really big quilts hung.

Upon entering the short hallway the front door is decorated with a huge red bow.
To the right is a bom from Gail Pan from several years ago. First time it's been hung. I just never had a space big enough until now.

Also on the right are my snowmen, lamp, Santa & another snowman.
To the left is a small cupboard
Next is a tiered shelf unit my Dad made me a long time ago
Then my rather large Jim Shore Santa with a cupboard hanger from Gail Pan Designs
The top of the meat safe is also decorated
The wall above has a few decorations as well
This long hanging was made as a Round Robin with friends in Canada & the US.
In front
My Jim Shore collection
below them a triptych from The Raspberry Rabbits & a folded decoration hanging on the door of a cupboard my Dad made me.
& around the walls of the lounge

The coffee table hasn't got it's usual decorations on it this year as the cat likes to lay there at night :)
A couple of Santa's next to the tree
The main tree
comes with a train
Which the cats aren't to sure about. :)

Some decorations in the kitchen

Onto the dining room & the 2nd big quilt. I made the top in 2004 while living in central Queensland as a BOM. It was quilted for me in 2006 after i moved back to South East Queensland & i've never had a wall space big enough to hang it. So 17 years after making it & 15 years after it was quilted it has finally been hung.
Pattern is from The Chook Shed Girls.

Table decorations with tree number 3
Tree number 2
And hangings on the dining room wall

I said to my family that i was going to go crazy with decorations this year since last year i didn't get to decorate. I don't think i went to crazy. One daughter says i've to much out, i say i haven't put enough out. I only stopped because i ran out of surfaces. Ha Ha. I've still 3 crates that are each half full. :)

I'm still hoping to do some outside decorating if the rain ever stops. I have 1 stake hanging up on the front verandah, the other 2 are each side of my door(out of the rain), the baubles are waiting in a box & my solar laser light decoration might get used this year. Cross fingers.

Happy Stitching,


Michelle Ridgway said...

Everything's lovely and very festive Jeanette....love your Jim Shore collection....we share the same addiction lol!

Maria said...

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄 at your place…
Just gorgeous!

Jeanna said...

Your decorations are beautiful. You can NEVER have too many!

Janice said...

What a wonderful collection you have. So many hours of stitching have been completed over the years. It must be so good to finally hang your large quilts. I would like to make a Christmas quilt, but don’t have room on the wall to hang one. We got our outside lights hung on the weekend, but I still have to get the indoor decorations up this week.

Julie said...

Oh I just enjoyed the House Tour so much thank you Jeanette. Everything is BEAUTIFUL!! No you do not have too much out - it is just decorated so wonderfully & your handmade pieces are stunning. I was so delighted to read about your coffee table dilema as I have been having the same problem but I want Blackie to stop sleeping on it as I want to do a nice table decor on it. The things we do for our furry ones ......... xx

Fiona said...

your house looks fabulously festive...

Cheryll said...

I love a FULL house of decorations too...& your home looks wonderful.
It's a trip down memory lane every year isn't it.
Merry Christmas xox

marina said...

Magnificent Christmas Decorating! Can one ever have too much Christmas joy on display?

Chookyblue...... said...

wow it looks amazing Jeanette.......I say put the whole lot out as you don't get to use them for another 12 months.........

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