Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Week

Sunday night i worked on my TAW
Slowly getting there. Checked out how many rows in this part of the challenge & had to cut out 5 more rows. I did that during the week.
Monday night saw me getting onto July's Natures Journey SAL finally.
Just leaves & stems that night.

Tuesday night more Natures Journey
More stems, leaves, then the 3 flowers.

Wednesday saw me sewing this little bag together.
Front view
back view. Then onto cutting out & pressing prairie points for a ufo
110 of them. The quilt is edged with the points but i didn't want to finish my quilt that way. It was bought as a kit but i managed to fin some fabric that would match to add a border that the points will sit on.

Wednesday night more Natures Journey
basket, bird, bee, flower & circle added. Pretty slow going with this block. Yes there is a bee on there. It's on the stem to the right under the purple flower. It kinda blends into the background fabric. :(

Thursday night back to the last of the Natures Journey
bird, butterfly, flower & dragonfly added then the embroidery done & it's a finish.

Friday i added the peeper border to the block
It's not really wavy. I just was excited to have the block done i didn't press it again. lol.

Friday night back to TAW. Pink row done & onto the next.
& now i'm off out. Going to Faeries In My Garden shop & then onto lunch with Sunday Stitchers & a couple of bloggers.

Happy Stitching,


KERYN B said...

Wow Jeanette you are on fire...lot's of fabulous sewing there.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jeanette I just love your centre blocks ,it looks amazing and your other quilt is slowly growing,well done my friend,your little bag is very cute as well,you sure have been busy. Enjoy your time at Fairies in my garden and your lunch and have fun with the girls. Xx

Kim said...

You have been very busy working on beautiful things

Daisy Jayne said...

You have had a very productive few days.....

Fiona said...

lovely to see all that progress on your work... you seem to be very organised

Michelle Ridgway said...

Incredible! Having seen your natures garden block in the 'flesh'it is gorgeous and your stitching so beautiful Jeanette...loved seeing you at lunch xx

Susan said...

It was a busy week - and ended on such a high!