Saturday, February 16, 2019

FNSI February

Yesterday i joined in with 22 ladies for Friday Night Sew In. Thanks to Wendy our lovely hostess for having us over again.

I started reasonably early whilst it was still cool to put the binding on my big quilt. I was a little out on size it's about 80" by 90 ". My brain got confused as the blocks are 10 " & i though i'd done 10 blocks by 10 blocks not 8 blocks by 9 blocks. :)
I had to turn my table sideways so my bed could support the weight of the quilt.
 All that was left of the binding.

 Meanwhile Lil P thought my insert box was for her.
Silly kitty. :)

Next i pieced some backing together & fixed a couple of twisted seams on a quilt top ready for quilting.
Boring i know but it needed to be done. I thought i'd bought it wide enough but the top was a little bigger than i remembered.

My Christmas BOM blocks came next but i stuffed up trimming one so now i have to stitch it again. The borders were added to this one & a line drwnw to add the last bit of stitching.

I'd finished the 4 little bonus project stitcheries on Friday night so they were made into the top yesterday as well.
Ready to quilt.

I took one project from the small project ufo pile to finish.
All ready to have the binding sewn down.

One last project to work on & time to take a break.
New Christmas BOM from Fig N Berry Creations arrived yesterday.

But before i could turn that machine of some boring clothes repairs needed doing too.:) :).

I started hand sewing the binding down at about 2:30 pm. With a few breaks during that time i finished at around 7pm.
All done. :) :) With thanks to Fiona for her beautiful quilting. I love the all over swirls that was done. I tried to hang the quilt on the clothesline to take photos but discovered the wind up mechanism is broken so on the ground the quilt went.

Meanwhile after finishing the binding i went to do the label & someone though the quilt was there for her to hide in.

Since the binding didn't take as long to do as i thought it would i finished the border stitching on thisd block.

Then the quilting on my little Christmas table topper.

Happy Stitching,


vintagerose said...

Hi Jeanette wow your quilt is amazing ,well done with all the work you got done on your projects hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend xx

Fiona said...

oh wow you certainly made the most of the day and got heaps done. what a bummer about over trimming one but I'm sure you will manage to use it in something else.... the quilt looks great....a good size...


Karen's Korner said...

It is nice to be able to make an early start particularly in all this heat. You certainly achieved a lot. Well done.

Karen S said...

You have managed to squeeze a huge amount into your sewing time. I love that you were able to get the binding on and stitched down on your quilt. It looks marvelous. Congrats on a great finish.
And I love all the Gail P stitching you have finished. I am only getting the second one done. said...

You managed to get loads of stitching done, wow, I did just a little. Enjoy your weekend and well done on your finishes :)

Michelle Ridgway said...

My goodness you were on a roll....Lovely work and your quilt is gorgeous x

Lin said...

Goodness me you got a lot done! The quilt looks fantastic. xx

Maria said...

Boy you managed to work on sew many lovely projects.. Great job getting the binding sewn down on the huge quilt.

Julie said...

You have achieved so much Jeanette. I love everything you are working on!! Its so fun to see your kitties pop up on Instagram with their sweet little faces. Its funny how they always want to be where we are crafting.

Anthea said...

Hi Jeanette... I have thoroughly enjoyed scrolling down your blog & reading your lovely posts of recent months... I'm in awe of your pineapple blocks quilt... so much sewing in it, & it looks AMAZING, you're so patient!
Maybe I should sned my quilts to you for the stitching down of quilt binding??!... I'm so slow doing that, but I do enjoy it regardless.