Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Christmas stitching

It's been a while since i posted so i had to think hard as to what i've been working on. 1st was to catch up on my BOM from Fig 'n' Berry stitches before number 5 arrived.  Just in time too as 5 arrives this week. :)

Then i stitched up the blocks from Gail Pan's Christmas BOM.
Just need to trim them & add the borders.

The bonus project is also stitched

After that i completed these 5 little ornaments from Marg Low. I'd prepped them earlier this year so they quick & easy to stitch up over a couple of nights.

Next out of the prepped project box was this stocking. I finished the stitching part last night.
It's machine sewn together & a top added that matches the heel & toe.


Fiona said...

You are keeping up well with the monthly projects and I just love all those Christmassy things you have done.... that stocking is gorgeous -


Maria said...

Great work working on all the lovely Christmas projects...

Lin said...

Very nice work and you are well ahead with your Christmas projects! Still, I suppose it is cold there and 'Christmas like'. xx

vintagerose said...

Hi Jeanette beautiful work my friend ,still travelling and not much internet,hope you are well xx

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

All those Christmassy things are so cute.. and very inspiring for Christmas in July! xx