Saturday, June 5, 2021

FNwF June

Yesterday i joined in

hosted by Cheryll.

I picked out some ufo's on Thursday ready to start but first up i wanted to make a little mat for my air fryer to sit on. 

One of my favourite blocks. Why orange & white you ask? because it matches the kitchen i now have.

I wasn't keen on it at first but i barely notice the colour any more.

After that i opened up a folder that had a stitchery in it only to discover it contained 3 needing finishing. All the bindings were sewn down in the evening.

First up was this little Christmas stitchery.

Next up was this little stitchery
I was going through folders last year throwing out free patterns that i'd printed out & discovered this one already traced out. I had forgotten about it so i added it to my basket & got it stitched up. N

Next was this stitchery i bought at a craft show.
It was pre-printed & didn't come with a pattern which i didn't realise until i went to stitch it. By the time i had got around to taking it out & stitching it I couldn't even copy it to make a pattern as it was fading. I guess not having the pattern doesn't matter as i don't think i'll ever stitch it again. I had started stitching the binding down last night but i noticed i'd manged to get a pucker in it. Luckily it was under the end of the binding so i didn't have much to unpick & resew by machine this morning.

Pop over here to find links to who joined in & the chosen projects worked on.

Happy Stitching,


Karen's Korner said...

The perfect mat for your kitchen bench. Love the stitcheries - especially the shoe.

Maria said...

Yes the mat is a perfect match...
nice t have finished three lovely stitcheries...

chrisknits said...

Wonderful finishes all! And I would adore an orange kitchen!

Julie said...

Love your stitcheries Jeanette. Gosh that little mat is just perfect in your kitchen. My husband would adore your kitchen as his favourite colour is orange. xx

Susan said...

an orange kitchen?? reminds me of years back . . LOL but as you say - you don't notice it now.
Love the sewing shoe design...funny how these things "hide away" sometimes.

Karen S said...

That is a lovely mat to use in the kitchen. And well done working on he bindings.
I have been caught before, too, with a pattern not being included. It is disappointing.

Fiona said...

lovely work...