Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mother Day to all. I hope you have a wonderful day. My book finally arrived Friday after a long wait. So much for pre-ordering to have it early. :(. I've finished reading it. It was a s enjoyable as all the other novels written by Jennifer. Been busy buttonhole appliqueing & embroidering a bear quilt. Run out of a thread i need & wouldn't you know it the store a 2 minute walk away has run out. :(

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Scottish Nanna said...

It makes you mad when you run out of cotton and the shop has run out to you will have to do something else untill you get some.Happy Mothers Day.
Hugs Mary.

Joy said...

Oh I'm glad the new Elm Creek book is good. I've got my name on the waiting list at my local library for it :o). Ran out of thread ... hmmm, do what I do and just start another project ... no reason why you shouldn't have half a dozen on the go like me LOL!!!
Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day :o).
Joy :o)

2ne said...

Hope your book is good. I would really like to read it cause of the title. Have a great weekend