Thursday, October 22, 2009

Post Number 2, my trip to the craft show yesterday

I'm lucky i made it there. I was tired & didn't feel up to going but as i needed to look for thing for my Mum & myslef that i can't get locally off i went. Stopped in at the lolly shop near the train station only to discover i'd left my purse at home. So tore off back up the street, grabbed my purse, tore back down to the station & got my ticket with about 2 minutes to spare. Mind you i'd left the house way early than i need because the damn trains don't ever run on time lately.

I was very good didn't buy a lot. Somethings i can't show in the photo's as they are for my swap gifts. Above is some very small buttons for a needlecase i want to make, some bells for my Christans goodies, a nail file with ladybugs all over. Resisted buying a 2nd one that had quilt patterns & bought the stork scissors instead, a thimble from the Thimblelady, Liuxin Newman, and some cute bear buttons from Sonya.Whilst buying these buttons i ran into my friend Joy with whom i'd planned to meet for lucnh & we both tried hard to convince Sonya to tell us where she bought her shirt. She would't tell us. :( Also shown is a heart button from Sonya that is for the needlecase. The bear buttons will go on a Bronwyn hayes cone pattern.

Couldn't walk past the kit to make Bronwyn Hayes "my little teahouse' pattern. Sure saved me looking for fabrics as nice a s these.

Bought this pattern as i can't resist hexagons, embroidery & teacup patterns, Sorry it's not clear but unfortunately the pattern isn't clear either on the cover. :(

And the handemade & Mum's flannelette are tho only 2 other things i bought. See told you i didn't buy much.  No wait i tell a lie. Forgot to download 1 more photo.

And here it is. More fabrics for my Civil War quilts. The stall i bought the from had so many to choose from i couldn't decide. The man gave me his business card as they specialise in repro/civil war fabrics. :)

PS: must be still tried as my spelling is atrocious. :(


Kim said...

Wow Jeanette such nice things you found on your shopping spree. :)

Cubby House Crafts said...

Just love your fabric purchases! They are just gorgeous! lisa

Karen Mallory said...

You got some nice things at the craft show. I love going to those things but always spend too much money!
hugs Karen