Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lest We Forget

It is Anzac Day here in Australia. We remember those that gave our lives for us. I'm off to watch the march in the little town i grew up in, in Northern NSW. My father is a World War 2 veteran & he will be in the march. He served in the Navy. My grandfathers, may they rest in peace, were World War 1 veterans. 1 was a Light Horseman & the other in the Army. I'm proud of my father & grandfathers.


Sheila said...

You should be very proud of your father and grandfather , it is because of men like them that the rest of us have freedom .

Unknown said...

I hope you had a great day Jeanette.

Cath Ü said...

We were watching some of the Anzac stories on TV yesterday at Maree's...amazing..what they went through...
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