Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Flower Wednesdays

I made it, just. I joined this a week ago but only had the chance yesterday to print out the hexagon shapes. Only cut out enough for one but it didn't take long to sew together. Made the second one before bed. :) At this rate i'll be able to make a quilt????. :) If you'd like to join just click the link on my left sidebar.


Narelle said...

Way to go!
I'm hoping to sit down at lunch and make mine.

Betsy said...

your flowers are great!

Valentina said...

How beautiful, Jeanette and welcome!

Anonymous said...


I do believe that Hexy's have run amok. They are everywhere. I love your colors, great job!

Blissfully Stitching,
Bobbie Ashley

Karen said...

Beautiful Jeanette! It's hard to stop at just one! :)

jilly said...

Love the colors your using, and I just slid in at the last minute too. Look forward to seeing more in the weeks to come.