Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Patterns & Fabrics

Forgot to show some recent purchases & some fabrics given to me.
Sue mentioned using a sewing cushion for embroidery, applique & hand piecing. Figured i could use one too & purchased Sue's pattern. It's paper pieced & came with the papers.
I'd seen this very cute pincushion made up & thought it so adorable i just had to get the pattern. I was lucky the lovely Linda had it in stock.
Jenny was having a clean up of fabrics & she thought of me & how i love purple. I knew Jenny was sending me a "little" something but was so surprised when i opened the parcel. Lucky, lucky me. :)
Needed this for a project & finally found some. Why is it when you don't want a particular fabric you can buy the whole roll but when you do want it you can't find it?.



bettsylyn (Lynda) said...

I have about 40 cms of the sewing fabric with an aqua background if you are interested. I am not sure what you are planning on making but maybe it will help.
Let me know if you need it.

Sheila said...

Jeanette, interesting patterns , just how does the embroidery sewing cushion work ? That is something totally new to me and the turtle is so cute . Wasn't that nice of Jenny to send those purple fabrics ;-)

Unknown said...

I love the idea of the cushion. I watch a DVD by Australian Quilters Companion. The lady on there was using one..but it was just a normal pillow. I tried it out for hand applique and I have to say it makes it alot more comfortable to stitch. Highly recommend it! I love the turtle...I have made it and oh he is cute!.. I also just love the bottom fabric with the cotton reels.. itis so sweet. Take care Lisa

Michelle said...

I would also like to know how to use the first cushion it sounds interesting.
And I love the turtle pincushion!! So cute!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Jeanette, I have that same little turtle pincushion pattern right here on my desk begging me to make it! Isn't it adorable!? I know yours will be made before mine. LOL!!