Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another finish & some goodies

When i got out the pattern & fabrics to start stitching the Christmas wreath i found another little Christmas pattern i'd traced out at the same time but had forgotten about. I stitched it up but wasn't sure just what to do with it. If i'd found it when i made the bag up earlier this year it could've been a pocket on the other side. I though about another bag but didn't really want one & then inspiration hit me. I quickly traced & stitched another Christmas tree. I had hoped to have my creation finished by last Friday but alas i ran out of time. Yesterday i spent cutting, sewing & putting together this:
A little runner.

 At the local shops the other day i went into one of the cheapie stores looking for a box to put all my bits of ribbons, ric rac, ect into. They had new stock in so the box i found doesn't match all my other boxes. :(  But i do like the one i got.
They have these "travel" looking ones in all different sizes. I even discovered chests there looking like this. I wanted to get one but as i was walking that day i didn't want to try & carry it home. Hopefully they'll still have stock when i'm down there with transport.
This gorgeous hat box also came home with me. Not sure what i'll use it for yet but i'll think of something :)

I ordered some Valdani threads from Shell & they arrived the other day. These are for her 12 of hearts BOM & these 3
are for her gorgeous patterns i bought a while back. :) Shell included some of those yummy chocolates again with a delicious teabag. I'm spoilt. :) Thanks Shell.

I spotted these cute black cat embroidery snips on a blog a fair while ago & set about hunting a pair down. I ordered them about a month ago after finally deciding that "yes i do need them" but due to delays they only arrived last week. I think i may just about have a pair of scissors for all the projects i have on the go. Lol.

Happy Stitching,


Jenny of Elefantz said...

The cat scissors were essential, Jeanette - don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ;-)
Love the boxes...drooling over them actually! LOL!

Linda said...

Scissors are great!!! Nice finish too! Runner is perfect for Christmas. I love Valdani threads. They are my favorite when working with wool applique.

Anne said...

Love your table runner! Great idea to place the tree design on each side of the patchwork. Neat storage boxes, and the scissors look like a pricey antique item.

Allie said...

Your little runner is just darling, what a great idea! I love those boxes...especially the hat box. Lovely threads too and the cat scissors are absolutely essential! I love them!