Sunday, June 17, 2012

FNSI, Labne & a swap

Friday night i took part in this months FNSI run by Heidi. First project i worked on was to repair my daughter's skirt. She came to me quite a while back asking if i could repair her favourite skirt. Only way i could hide the tear was some applique. But what sort & what fabric? I think she gave the skirt to me about the time i bought the Baby Go. I got the Baby Go out Friday & cut the flowers. That was fun. I followed the instructions to a T or so i thought. The darn thing wouldn't roll through at all. Even my daughter tried. At whit's end as to why it wouldn't work & putting the 3 pieces back together(cutter, fabric & mat) i turned the mat around only to discover( by accident) the damn Baby Go likes the printed end of the mat to go through the machine first not the blank end.
2 flowers needed to cover the tear. Luckily i had an old child's dress that was suitable for the applique colourwise. 2nd project i worked on was this
Didn't think i'd show you all of it did you? Just a sneaky peek until the recipient gets it. I also finished the stitching on this. It's drying now after rinsing the tracing pen out.
Yesterday i took the Labne from the fridge where it was draining & hoping for the best i opened up the cheesecloth
& found it soft but firm. So far so good. Gave it a taste test. As i've not tried Labne before i'm hoping it was as it should taste. I can see why my research on Labne has a few mentions of using it in place of Philly cream cheese but i doubt i would do so. I wasn't sure what i wanted to do with the cheese so i decided to do what Fast Ed did with his.
Not easy to shape soft cheese into balls. They are marinating in olive oil, peppercorns, lemon zest & fresh rosemary. The cheese must taste ok as i gave my son a taste test last night & he was trying to sneak the whole container home with him. Sorry only the pea & ham soup for you my dear.

A while ago on Facebook i entered a pincushion swap. The pincushion that was sent to me arrived last Friday.
My partner also sent me the little chooky she made.

Happy Stitching,


Fiona said...

well sewn... and mending is not always a favourite... what we do for our children hey???? the christmas stitchery is lovely and your sneaky peak!! so the cheese worked out well... looks lovely and sweet pincushions... I love the little chooky and how she has done the extra bits on it...

Cheryll said...

Well looks like another successful FNSI. Love the pin cushion and chook! Very cute!
Hope you enjoy your cheese! :)

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I've decided I'm not going to research the cheese. I'm going to fly across the ocean and just steal it out of your fridge! hee,hee, hee! Looks divine!

Sheila said...

Jeanette you had Avery successful FNSi , did your mending job get approval ? Love your stitchery and hmm wonder what the sneak peak is ? Cute pincushions too . Enjoy your day. Hugs Sheila

Anthea said...

You had a very busy FNSI! Ah, what mothers are expected to mend, hey? Good job on that. Love the Christmas Joys stitchery, i just bought that. And good on you getting out the Little Teahouse & making a start - we shall inspire one another on that one!

Roseanne said...

YOUR FNSI projects look great. You could use a watermelon ball scoop for the chesse it work well.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Yum, Jeanette!! That Labne looks so morish...I'll go have a read about making this cheese.
Lovely things on show as always. :-)