Saturday, November 16, 2019

Friday Night Sew In November

Last night I joined in with our lovely hostess Wendy for FNSI.

I had lots of plans for my sewing but Mother Nature had other ideas. Thursday night i got a call from my Mum to say she had to prepare to be evacuated because an out of control bushfire along the border ranges was heading towards her little town in Northern NSW. The feelings of frustration & worry cannot be described. I cannot get there to help her as the roads are all cut of for traffic heading south from where i live. So i spent most of Thursday night in a very upset state.

The alarm to evacuate wasn't given but the crisis is far from over. Talking to her yesterday the fire was still racing for the town but by late yesterday evening the winds had turned & the fire was being forced back onto itself. That crisis averted for now but the fire is still burning & the winds can still change at anytime & send the fire racing back towards the town. According to the NSW fire page over 5000 hectares have burnt along the Border Ranges just north of Mum.

Yesterday was so hot here too that even if i felt up to sewing i was just to hot. But i did do a little stitching last night on Joseph on the Christmas hanging i've been stitching,
Another beautiful Christmas design from Natalie Bird.

Pop over to Wendy's blog to find the links to who all joined in last night & what lovely projects they worked on.

Happy Stitching,


Anorina @SameliasMum said...

What an absolutely scary time for you. I'm glad your mum is ok and that the fire turned back on itself. This weekend is meant to be much calmer and cooler down here - hopefully it will be better up there too x

retdairyqueen said...

Such a worrying time for you
I pray these fires will be over soon
Down south we have had very cool windy wet weather
Your stitching is beautiful

Cheryll said...

Yes we need rain so very badly don't we. Hope your mothers home stays safe.
Lovely stitching even though your mind was elsewhere... xox

Michelle Ridgway said...

Terrifying for those affected and horrible for you feeling unable to get there. I think everyone is praying for rain or some end to this! Hoping your Mum remains safe. Natalie always has lovely designs xx

Karen's Korner said...

My thoughts are with your family. A very worrying time for all concerned. Lets hope that the rain does what is should.

Julie said...

That is so scary & worrying regarding the fires Jeanette. I hope they get it all under control soon - some rain would be good. Your stitchery is lovely. I hope you have a peaceful weekend Jeanette. xx

Maria said...

Such a worrying time Jeanette and I pray the fire doesn't return towards your Mums town.
Yes Natalie's stitchery are all lovely.

FlourishingPalms said...

I'm sorry for your mother, and your concerns for her. There's nothing more frustrating than knowing a family member is in trouble, and there's no way to get to them to help. I've heard that fires have been out of control in Australia. It seems this happens every year in your country, and I'm sorry for that. I hope the crisis passes soon, and that you can focus again on your handwork.

Vicki said...

My thoughts are with you, your family and all those affected by these fires. I just cannot imagine what it is like.

Susie H said...

Those fires are certainly make for a scary time. They've made the news clear over here in the USA. Reminds me of when California fires are raging! Glad you managed a little stitching. I would think that might help calm the nerves. I hope you and your Mom stay safe!