Friday, January 10, 2020

Border Ranges Fire

My daughter had asked me that if it was possible could i take some photo's to show her the devastation of the Border Trail/Ranges fire that so nearly came to wiping out my hometown but thanks to the valiant effort of the firies in that area from both sides of the border it didn't. Not a lot of places to stop along that twisty windy road as one side is mountain & the other drops off into vallies. We stopped where there was a little layby & the area around the road is open farmland & i could look back along the area. These photo's just show a small amount of the fire that swept through that area & raged for weeks.
This is one side of Mount Lindsay, the burnt side but with that bit of rain around Christmas you can see the paddock is greening along with the trees going up the mount. As you follow the road around the mountain the other side was untouched by fire.

 Looking north towards Boonah, Qld way i guess.
 Not sure if this one has a name but you can see all the burnt trees on it. All these photo's are taken on the Queensland side of the Border Trail/Range.

 We are looking back south towards my hometown many kilometres away.

 All along this highway there was evidence of trees having to be cut down as they were too dangerous to leave. Piles upon piles were stacked up in the paddocks beside the road.

Along the way there was a spot i wished we could have stopped & taken a photo. It was in one of those areas where you just couldn't pull up as it was an area with drop offs one side, mountain the other. In all my years of travelling to & fro down that road we've not really been able to see through because off all the rubbish in the undergrowth, By rubbish i don't mean litter thrown out by people I mean scrub. But this particular spot as we passed by i said to my brother "would you look at that, we can see miles & miles across that valley now". It was such a shock as i never knew that view was there through the trees.

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Cheryll said...

SO very sad if loss of life or belongs occur...(that goes without saying really) but it's great for generating new growth & clearing out scrub.
Hope everyone stays safe in the area though... xox

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

Thank you for sharing your trip. It's funny how some Australian flora need fire to germinate and regenerate.

Fiona said...

very striking pictures..... glad your hometown stayed safe

retdairyqueen said...

Pleased you are safe

Michelle Ridgway said...

Thanks for sharing your drive.....horrific for lots of people and wildlife. Glad your hometown was spared xx

FlourishingPalms said...

I'm so sorry for all Australians dealing with these devastating fires. Your pictures are telling, as are the awful news videos we've seen here in the US. I know your country will renew itself, but likely not in your lifetime. Every blessing to those who are finding a new way to live.

Maria said...

Pleased you are safe and that the town was saved.

Karen S said...

It is hard for many to understand the damage that is done in these fires. It will be interesting in years to come to see the regrowth.

Susan said...

Hopefully the predicted rain will happen. Its been so sad.