Friday, June 5, 2009

Caught up on BOM's (just in time for June's)

I've finished the 1st 3 blocks of Jenny's Shabby Roses, 2 blocks from Anne's A Tisket A Tasket, both in redwork & applique & the 1st 2 blocks of Vicki's On My Heart Bom. I'm doing the embroidery on the 3rd block. Hopefully will be able to post a photo tomorrow. Was hoping the spend the weekend sewing but have decded to take a drive & spend the weekend with my parents.

post signature  PS: Forgot to tell of my missing block. Went to do the embroidered bow on the easter bunny basket only to discover in the space of about 10 minutes it had grown legs. Searched everywhere & my 2 boys helped look. You'll never guess where it turned up after me making another complete block with finished embroidery. In the wash basket. My son had picked it up with his jacket & didn't know he had. LOL. 


carole brungar said...

Hi Jeanette!
Just had to pop in and tell you I really love the wall hanging on the top of your blog, it's gorgeous!
carole ;)

Kim said...

Beautiful Jeanette, I don't know where you find the time to do all, but you are so talented. Have fun at your parents.

Unknown said...

Your blocks have turned out beautifully .