Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gifts I received

Naughty me. I couldn't wait until tomorrow. :) I've loaded them upside down too. Oh dear. The lovely stitchery i think i'll turn into a hanging using the Christmas fabric included in the presents.
The red folder has lots of yummy recipes . 2 great Christmas patterns for me to make. A lovely decoration for me to add to my tree this year. The Christmas fabric is in this photo along with some great tin stars.
This photo has the gorgeous bag that Yvonne made me along with a cute pincushion, a bag of rumballs, a lovely china jug & some condiments from Beerenberg. Yummy. Saving those for Christmas lunch.
And lucky last is all the presents wrapped up. One day when i'm all grown up i'll remember to put the photo's in order. Oh yes before i forget - the hand made card in the background. Was i lucky or what?
Thanks to Karen for arranging the Christmas in July exchange & thanks to my partner Yvonne for the lovely gifts i received.

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