Sunday, December 6, 2009

my week part 2

I hadn't been having a very good week with personal issues & migraines & the only hightlight of my days has been opening all those lovely little gifties Jenny sent me in the Advent swap.Each day has brought forth lovely things. A gorgeous silk bag coloured purple with purple buttons, a tin full of yummy lollie, lavender soap, a cute little flowered shaped retractable tape measure & yes it's in my favourite colour - purple, a beautiful ceramic holder with a candle & todays offereing?  a gorgeous Christmas button. Ok if you are counting you'd know i've actually opened 7 presents not 6. Well Jenny had an extra in the box & sadi to me to open it if i was having a bad day. Turns out the last week was mostly all bad but i opened it yesterday.
The Thursday my ornament swap arrived from Wendy along with a handmade card. It's now hanging proudly on my tree. Then Friday the parcel man came not once but twice. He brought me the first time a parcel from America from Melissa who was my Secret Santa in Chookyblues swap.
This is what i pulled out of the box first. See the lovely "J" all in beads. Imagine my delight when i noticed tucked in the bottom thes small packages. totally unexpected. I've opened these ones along with the ornament.Here's the beautiful ornament Melissa made me. Such a cute cat. I love it. Thanks Melissa. Here's what i discovered it all the other little packages.
A Christmas notepad, Christmas tissues, Christmas stickers, a bath bauble, might need that relaxing soak Christmas night, & a thimble. Aren't i a lucky girl. Now you are probably wondering about the 2nd parcel. Well that is a special present from a very special friend in America. She sent me an Advent style parcel. I'm going to save the photo's of these special gifties for another posting. Big hugs & thankyou Kim.

Huzz, Jeanette


Unknown said...

Hi Jeanette,
Whoohoo, what lovely pressies! I love watching you open them up! Okay, sorry you are not feeling really well and so hope and pray that you find a remedy for the migraines and get rid of the cause(s) of them. (hugz) So, it looks like you should be opening pressies until December 25...guess I'm going to have to enlist some folks to send you some more pressies so that you open one each day and that way I know what you're up let me for the next 365 of gifts! Imagine that! anything to keep you!

Chookyblue...... said...

the cat is so cute and a purple just for special........

Joy said...

Oh what gorgeous gifties you've got!!! Look at all that lovely purple - that's so spesh ;o)!!!
Joy :o)